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A thermoplastic, or thermosoftening plastic, is a plastic material, a polymer, that becomes .... Polypropylene is defined by the recyclable plastic number 5.


A thermoplastic is a material, usually a plastic polymer, which becomes soft when heated and hard when cooled. Thermoplastic materials can be cooled and ...


Thermoplastic materials are those materials that are made of polymers linked by intermolecular interactions or van der Waals forces, forming linear or branched ...


Apr 24, 2017 ... A thermoplastic polymer is a type of plastic that changes properties when heated and cooled. Thermoplastics become soft when heat is applied ...


Thermoplastics: Thermoplastics are organic materials that melt when heated. They should be differentiated from thermoset materials which cure, or become set , ...


On the basis of molecular forces polymers can be classified as thermoplastic and ... Thermoplastic polymers can be defined as the polymers which get soften ...


Define thermoplastic. thermoplastic synonyms, thermoplastic pronunciation, thermoplastic translation, English dictionary definition of thermoplastic. adj.


A word used to describe fibers that are heat-sensitive. Most man-made fibers are thermoplastic. A thermoplastic fiber has the property of softening or fusing when ...


Definition of thermoplastics: Soft plastics that can be reshaped (reformed) repeatedly by applying heat and pressure.


Thermoplastic definition, soft and pliable when heated, as some plastics, without any change of the inherent properties. See more.