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Videoconferencing (VC) is the conduct of a videoconference by a set of telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to communicate by ...

What is video conference (video conferencing)? - Definition from ...


At its simplest, videoconferencing provides transmission of static images and text between two locations. At its most sophisticated, it provides transmission of ...

What is video-conferencing? definition and meaning


Definition of video-conferencing: Two way, real-time transmission of audio and video signals between specialized devices or computers at two or more locations  ...

Video Conferencing Definition | Investopedia


Uses for video conferencing include holding routine meetings, negotiating ... Video conferencing's main advantage over teleconferencing is that users can see  ...

How Video Conferencing Works | Lifesize Makes It Easy!


See how simple and intuitive Lifesize video conferencing solutions are to deploy ... Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): A term to explain when people use their own ...

Information about Videoconferencing - Bamboo AV


This Bamboo AV Advice article will explain in detail what videoconferencing is, its various components and how a VTC system works, along with the various ...

Video Conferencing Explained - Unicol

www.unicol.de/userdir/cms/docs/white paper_VCE.pdf

Video Conferencing Explained. With the help of Catherine Holt of Imago we take a look at Video Conferencing. - the joys, the practicalities and making sure you ...

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Video conferencing


Video conferencing means using computers to provide a video-link between two or more people. Instead of just talking to someone by telephone, you are able to ...

Uses of Videoconferencing - PicturePhone


General uses for video conferencing include business meetings, educational training or instruction and collaboration among health officials or other ...

How does Video Conferencing Work? - Video Conferencing Guide


would need a more in depth explanation than just two people talking through video. True indeed, there ... It isn't easy explaining how video conferencing works .

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What is Videoconferencing? Webopedia Definition


Conducting a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data.

Video Conferencing - FAQ | Information Technology Services


Allow a few minutes for setting up and shutting down the video conference. Stick to ...

ICTS - What is video conferencing?


Definition of video conferencing; Why would you use video conferencing? ICTS support available; Equipment needed; Venue considerations; Log a video ...