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Research can be classified in many different ways on the basis of the ... This type of research is done by an individual company for the problem faced by it. ... V. Historical research:-it allows one to discuss past and present events in the context ...


Aug 4, 2010 ... Pure research a. Also called as the fundamental or the theoretical research. b. Is basic and original. c. Can lead to the discovery of a new.


These two forms of research, in spite of the differences delineated above, have ... As new faculty members, be open to looking at problems in different ways, ... What are some of the issues and challenges that face quantitative researchers?


Aug 1, 2010 ... Research Methodology By Fahad Mahmood. ... Definition and types of research. 1. ... Course Outlines <ul><li>What is Research? .... These rules are broadly similar but may vary slightly between the different fields of science.


Nov 26, 2011 ... Types of Research. 1. VARIOUS TYPES OF RESEARCHES VAISALI K B070225AR; 2. WHAT IS RESEARCH?The systematic, rigorous ...


and a clearly defined plan of action. .... Being able to mix different approaches has the advantages of enabling triangulation. ... Whilst this type of research could by criticised for not being objective, it should be noted that for some groups of ...


Aug 9, 2017 ... Nursing Resources: Types of Research within Qualitative and ... events that may help to explain present events and anticipate future events.


effectiveness. Research. Method. This is … This works best for these kinds of questions… ... What are the characteristics of people in ... intervention with another.


Mar 8, 2011 ... The two basic research approaches are quantitative and qualitative research. Both types have different purposes. Quantitative research is ...