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The three naturally-occurring isotopes of hydrogen. The fact that each isotope has one proton makes them all variants of hydrogen: the identity of the isotope is  ...

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Isotopes are atoms of elements with different numbers of neutrons We have already learned that ions are atoms that are either missing or have extra electrons.

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Jan 7, 2012 ... We talk about a simple analogy with cars to explain this tutorial. Isotopes are versions of an atom or an element that have the same number of ...

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Jul 2, 2015 ... These different versions of the same element are called isotopes. In this lesson, we will discuss the examples and types of isotopes.

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An isotope is a form of a chemical element whose atomic nucleus contains a specific number of neutrons, in addition to the number of protons that uniquely ...

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Elements are defined by the number of protons in an atom's nucleus. For example, an atom with 6 protons must be carbon, and an atom with 92 protons must be ...

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Isotopes are one form an element can take. This is the definition of an isotope, with examples.

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Basic definition of some chemistry terms, isotopes, decay, half-life.

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Kids learn about the science of isotopes in chemistry including naming isotopes, hydrogen, examples, fun facts, unstable, and stable.

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Atoms in a chemical element that have different numbers of neutrons than protons and electrons are called isotopes. The atoms in a particular element have an ...

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Q: An explanation of isotope of vegium beanium, arrosium, and corniu...
A: These are all fictitious elements used as part of different courses by different professors. I believe occasionally the details change. Source(s): http://www.us... Read More »
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Q: Need proper explanation with isotopes part of mass calculation in...
A: naturally occuring chlorine is a mixture of cchlorine-35 and chlorine-37. those are the isotopes, as you know. Ar is simply the relative atomic mass. mass of on... Read More »
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Q: What might be the explanation for the particular combination of i...
A: The flat primitive-mantle-normalized patterns defined by alteration-resistant incompatible elements in the Kwaimbaita- and Kroenke-type basalts (see Fitton & Go... Read More »
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Q: Radioactive isotopes? help!? can someone please give me a simple ...
A: All of the elements have multiple isotopes. An isotope has the same number of protons, hence very similar chemical properties, but a different number of neutron... Read More »
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Q: Which is the explanation for the difference between the two isoto...
A: c. Isotopes are any of the several different forms of an element each having different atomic mass (mass number). Isotopes of an element have nuclei with the sa... Read More »
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