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If someone is being facetious they're being playful with an edge. A knock-knock joke isn't facetious, but if you call it the most advanced form of comedy, you're ...

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1 : joking or jesting often inappropriately : waggish <just being facetious>. 2 : meant to be humorous or funny : not serious <a facetious remark> ...

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Facetious definition, not meant to be taken seriously or literally: a facetious remark. See more.

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treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate h... Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.

When Is a Comment "Facetious" and When Is It "Sarcastic"? : Word ...


Jun 25, 2014 ... Facetious and sarcastic have similar meanings and can describe less-than- serious comments. Enterprising teens can find uses for both kinds ...

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The definition of facetious is a joke made about something serious. An example of facetious is someone saying that people whose homes have burned down ...

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facetious (comparative more facetious, superlative most facetious). Treating serious ... Robbie's joke about Heather's appearance was just him being facetious.‎.

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facetious. To make an attempt at being funny, while being sarcastic at the same time. Jacky was being facetious when she said, "Yes, let's all go to Iraq for my ...

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[French facétieux, from facétie, jest, from Latin facētia, from facētus, witty.] fa·ce′ tious·ly adv. fa·ce′tious·ness n. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English ...

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not meant to be taken seriously or literally: a facetious remark.
amusing; humorous.
lacking serious intent; concerned with something nonessential, amusing, or frivolous: a facetious person.
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