Capital: Valletta
Population: 446,547
Conventional Name: Republic of Malta
Chief of State: President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca
Head of State: Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
National Anthem: L-Innu Malti (The Maltese Anthem)
Lyrics/Music: Innu Malti (The Maltese Anthem)


ˈmɔːltə/, officially the Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta' Malta, pronounced rɛˈpʊbb.lɪ.kɐ ˈtɐ ˈmɐl.tɐ]), is a South...

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In 1814 Malta became a part of the British Empire . During World War II , Malta was invaded several times by Germany and Italy but it was able to survive and on August 15, 1942 five ships broke through a Nazi blockade to deliver food and supplies to Malta. The climate... More »
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From its North African and Arabic influences (listen carefully to the local language) to the Sicilian-inspired cuisine, Malta is a microcosm of the Mediterranean. Few European countries have such ... More »
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