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Facts About Neptune
Neptune, discovered in 1846 by French and English astronomers, is so far away that it is invisible to the naked eye. Neptune is the fourth largest planet in the solar system and very unlike Earth.... More »
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Download Questions about Neptune (all answers found on this page) ... Neptune cannot be seen without a large telescope and was first seen in 1846 from the ...


Neptune is the furthest planet in our solar system and has a ring system similar to Saturn. Click to find out more amazing Neptune facts for kids!


Inside. Fast Facts. More. 1 Orbit of Sun 60,190 Days. 1 Rotation 16 Hour 17min. Mass 17 times more than Earth. Volume 57 times more than Earth.


Interesting Facts: * Neptune was the first planet discovered by mathematical calculation. French scientists Urbain le Verrier is credited with discovering Neptune ...


See more kids' drawings... ... Most of the time Neptune is the eighth planet from our Sun. Sometimes ... Neptune is the fourth largest planet in our solar system.


Kids learn about the ice giant planet Neptune of the Solar System including fun facts, mass, day, year, and distance from the Sun. Astronomy for kids and ...


Check out our cool range of planet facts for kids. Enjoy amazing trivia and have fun learning about the planets found in our Solar System. Interesting facts about ...


Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun making it the most distant in the solar system. This gas giant planet may have formed much closer to the Sun in early ...


Neptune was discovered in 1846 by Johann Galle, an astronomer at the Berlin Observatory. Galle knew where to look because of calculations by French ...