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Featherwork is the working of feathers into a work of art or cultural artifact. This was especially elaborate among the peoples of Oceania and the Americas, such  ...


Mexican feather work, also called "plumería", was an important artistic and decorative technique in the pre-Hispanic and colonial periods in what is now Mexico.


Explore the distinctive art, culture, and history of Hawai'i with the first exhibition of Hawaiian featherwork on the U.S. mainland, developed in partnership with the ...


The Museum's Amazon featherwork comes from the native peoples of the Amazon Basin, whose survival is now in danger along with that of the rain forest.


Define featherwork: a net or fabric completely covered with overlapping feathers usually having a design called also feather mosaic.


All About Feathers Unique to birds and their dinosaur ancestors, feathers have ... Niko Tinbergen, a 1973 Nobel Prize winner for his work to understand animal ...


Working with feathers for millinery, etc., including tutorials.


Learn more about featherwork of the aztecs in the Boundless open textbook. Featherwork, or the working of feathers into clothing and artifacts, was an especially ...


Jun 30, 2016 ... Royal Hawaiian Featherwork: Nā Hulu Ali'i showcases rare, exquisite feather- covered objects made for Hawaiian royals in the late 18th to late ...