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Fencing is a sport that dates back to the original Olympics. It involves using three separate types of swords in an organized and fluid back-and-forth fight between two opponents. Fencing is a sport that crosses age and gender lines; there are fencing... More »


Contemporary fencing is the word used for modern sport fencing which is very different than the martial use of the sword (also known as western art of combat ...
In the foil and epee, fencers can score only with thrusts and, in modern days, by whipping the foil around to the back; in the saber, they can score with both thrusts and slashes. Saber is derived from cavalry fighting; because it was considered bad form to cut an enem... More »
Caltrain preps corridor for new fencing
Progressive Rail Roading · 15 hours ago
2007-08 All-Long Island Fencing
Newsday · September 2 10:55 PM

USA Fencing

Official website for the United States Fencing Association.

Fencing - Fence Materials & Supplies at The Home Depot

Shop chain link, wire, and security fence panels online or in store. Browse from a variety of fence type materials and supplies at The Home Depot.

Cal Fencing Club - Berkeley

Fencing at the University of California, Berkeley. Learn more ». FAQ. All levels of experience are welcome! More info ». Schedule. Is there fencing tonight?

Fencing.Net: Fencing - Learn about the Sport of Fencing, Fencing ...

Learn all about the Olympic sport of fencing with our beginner guides, training tips, equipment guides, and full user community. Fencing is the sport of fighting ...

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A: Fencing is a sport in which two opponents wield swords against one another while heavily protected. Their goal is to touch or poke the other person with their b... Read More »
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