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Mar 1, 2017 ... There are, however, a few dangers associated with the installation of fiberglass. If you are considering installing fiberglass insulation in your ...


The properties of fiberglass used in insulation. ... for InterNACHI inspectors to understand the health risks associated with exposure to fiberglass insulation.


Hidden Home Dangers Image Gallery A worker sprays fiberglass over a spa mold at Sundance Spas. Is insulation like fiberglass dangerous? See more pictures ...


Apr 30, 2012 ... Fiberglass is said to have carcinogenic properties, so why is it still used for home insulation?


Fiberglass is commonly used as insulation in buildings across the country that is safe to use granted precautions are taken.


Fiberglass was first used in the 1930s for home furnace filters and insulation. ... Health effects from exposure to fiberglass can be different depending on the fiber  ...


Q: As a home inspector, I'm exposed to fiberglass insulation almost every day, and ... I also am concerned about the possible health hazards to the occupants of  ...


The good news is that it does not cause cancer. ... They say that consumer household fiberglass insulation is not carcinogenic, but assuming it ...


Mar 18, 2001 ... These building codes are based on the belief that, if left undisturbed in unoccupied areas, fiberglass insulation poses little or no health threat.


Feb 27, 2013 ... Fiberglass insulation poses many health risks. Imagine what ... Fiberglass insulation has the same effect on our skin, lungs, and eyes. The area ...