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Reptiles arose about 310–320 million years ago during the Carboniferous period . Reptiles, in ... Reptiles first arose from amphibians in the swamps of the late Carboniferous. Increasing evolut...

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We all know how the old story goes: Fish evolved into tetrapods, tetrapods evolved into amphibians, and amphibians evolved into reptiles. It's a gross ...

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Brief Outline of the Evolution of Reptiles and Amphibians part one - The Paleozoic Era. ... The first fishes to develop lungs were the lobe-finned fishes called ...

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One of the oldest-known amniotes is Casineria, which had both amphibian and reptilian characteristics. One of the earliest undisputed reptiles was Hylonomus.

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The first dinosaurs, mammals, and crocodyloformes appear. Mollusks are the dominant invertebrate. Many reptiles, for example, turtles, ichthyosaurs. True flies  ...

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Oct 17, 2007 ... Newly discovered fossilised footprints provide the earliest evidence yet for the evolution of reptiles – a major event in the history of life. They are ...

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Dinosaurs and other reptiles were the dominant species. The Jurassic Period saw the first appearance of birds. It appears that a shallow sea again invaded ...

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The thecodonts first appeared during the Early Triassic and became extinct at the ... Anapsids: no holes on side of skull (turtles, extinct primitive [stem] reptiles).

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(age of reptiles), Cretaceous, 145,500,000, archaic mammals and birds begin to replace dinosaurs; first flowering plants, 65,500,000 (76% of species lost).

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The first true reptiles were either the amphibian-like and possibly transitional Westlothiana, which appeared about 350 million years ago, or the lizard-like ...

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Hylonomus: The Earliest Reptile: Natural History Notebooks


Notes and images of Hylonomus (the earliest reptile), updated from the Canadian Museum of Nature's Natural History Notebooks series.

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A chronology of Carboniferous and Permian reptiles based on the fossil record. Ghosted names represent likely first appearances of certain fossil taxa based on  ...

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The earliest amphibians appear in fossils that are over 370 million years old, whereas reptiles date back around 320 million years. Interestingly, over a geologic ...