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Islam is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion articulated by the Qur'an, a religious text ... An adherent of Islam is called a Muslim (sometimes spelled " Moslem"). ...... the leading ...

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The word “Islam” and “Muslim” share the same word origin. ... Followers of every other religion I can think of give themselves a name that is derivitive of the name  ...

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The word 'Islam' in Arabic means submission to the will of God. Followers of Islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe there is one true God Allah (the Arabic ...

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A. "Islam" means "submission". A follower of the religion of Islam is called a " Muslim" which means "one who is in submission to the divine will." B. Islam is the  ...

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Mar 17, 2015 ... The Arabic word islammeans “submission,” reflecting the faith's central tenet of submitting to the will of God. Followers of Islam are called ...

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A follower of Islam is a Muslim (مسلم in Arabic). People whofollow the religion of Islam are called Muslims (plural).

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A Muslim is a follower of Islam. ... Islam began in modern-day Saudi Arabia in a town called Mecca where ... Muslims are called to prayer from the minaret.



In the Arabic language, the word Islam means “surrender” or “submission”— submission to the will of God. A follower of Islam is called a Muslim, which in Arabic ...

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Sep 16, 2012 ... Followers of Islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe that there is only One God. The Arabic word for God is Allah. According to Muslims, God ...

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Mar 17, 2015 ... They are a significant way that followers of Islam remember history, ... by his followers and makeup the sacred text for Muslim, called the Quran.

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Which muslim country today follows Islam's so called "true meaning"? ... Why do some who call themselves followers of Islam tend to be so rigid, highly ...

The followers of Islam, called Muslims.


The followers of Islam, called Muslims. The followers of Islam, called Muslims. One God -- Allah in Arabic --. Mohammed was His last prophet. Non Muslim ...

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Oct 30, 2005 ... But a follower of Islam is called a Muslim. Islam, is derived from the Arabic word " salam," which is often interpreted as meaning "peace.