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What did people eat in the old days? - Quora


Jan 26, 2015 ... A LOT fewer processed foods, because they require machinery to make. So, all the same raw ingredients, but no candy bars, breakfast cereals, ...

Why didn't junk food cause obesity in the olden days? - Quora


I'm not sure which "olden days" we're talking about, but in the 50s and early 60s although junk food existed, it was comparatively expensive. Prices dropped as ...

Types of Food in 18th Century England


The caliber of food became rather poor during the 1700s in England, as meat ... Today people worry about pesticides, but the good old days may never have ...

Old-Time Methods of Preserving Food - Mother Earth News


May 6, 2014 ... Victor A. Croley shares old-time methods of drying and preserving food from pioneer days that can still be used today.

Food of the Olden Days in the Malay World › Gastropology 101 ...


Sep 4, 2010 ... Food of the Olden Days in the Malay World. If you were in 15th century Melaka and invited to a palace shindig what would the food be like?

Food old days (classic dishes). By Lucy Nunes - Menu plans - www ...

www.taste.com.au/recipe collection/articles/1637/food old days classic dishes

Food old days (classic dishes). By Lucy Nunes - Menu plans - Enjoy a repeat from the past with a dinner party featuring classic dishes that have stood the test of ...

How to eat healthy like they did in the olden days? | Yahoo Answers


Jun 16, 2011 ... Like no processed foods etc. Btw I am vegetarian and 15 years old :) Thanks!

Traditional Scottish Food - a menu from the olden days - Scotland


Here's traditional Scottish food from old menu. Inspirational or just weird stuff? Ptarmigan, powsowdie, crimped skate and much more. Sheep's head anyone?!

The Food Timeline: history notes--meals & holiday entertaining


American meal times were introduced by Old World settlers and evolved .... although some Arabists favored three meals in two days or food every sixteen hours.

What did people use before they had refrigerators ... - eNotes.com


Jan 5, 2010 ... There were a few different ways of keeping food before refrigerators. ... In the old days when food could not be preserved people used to smoke ...

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Q: Food in the olden days.
A: vegetables.fruits,grains and meat. Read More »
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Q: How was the food stored in olden days.
A: The food was stored in refrigerators made out of salt because salt is preservative. Read More »
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Q: How often did children and teens eat fast food in the olden days?
A: I have two words for you "Double Down". =). Read More »
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Q: How often did children and teens eat fast food in the olden days?
A: Hello Liberal Girl, 1) I agree with you that all these franchises were around but up until the late 70's or early 80's they were by no means fast. They did not ... Read More »
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Q: How often did children and teenagers eat junk food in the olden d...
A: Was not considered fast food originally.Was considered a special night out to a restaurant. Maybe Once a week. When the drive thru evolved then they took off. Read More »
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