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What is Torque Converter Shudder - AGCO Automotive Corporation

This is a particular problem with Honda and Ford's vehicles. Most automatic transmission fluid contains friction modifiers to help prevent shudder. Time, heat and ...

5 Steps for Diagnosing Automatic Transmission Shudder - ETE Reman

Apr 4, 2014 ... It's important to find the real cause of transmission shudder. Here are five steps that can help you troubleshoot more accurately when a shudder ...

Ford F150 Transmission Shudder Why - Ford-Trucks

Nov 25, 2014 ... A shuddering transmission could mean a very expensive repair in the future if not taken care of in a short amount of time. This article c...
Q. Hi Vincent, Here is my problem: When the car is accelerating slowly from a stop up to around 50 to 60 KPH (30 - 40 MPH), fourth gear, the transmission shudders the entire car when you continue to accelerate. It doesn't happen at any other speeds. I have left the c... More »

Transmission Shudder - Ford F150 Forum -

Feb 7, 2007 ... I have a 97 f150 4x4 ext cab lariat, I have no idea what transmission I have in it. The problem I am having a shudder/vibration. It does not do it in ...

New Focus transmission shuddering issues : Ford - Reddit

Oct 10, 2014 ... I have 2014 Titanium automatic and the transmission "shudders" ... After having my car back in the shop at 11k miles, Ford has replaced the ... Transmission Shudder&v=PeSbZ0cpaB0
Mar 28, 2015 ... Do you have a Ford F150 or F250 Truck and are experiencing transmission overdrive converter lockup shudder under light acceleration at ...

Dr. Tranny Instant Shudder Fixx - Lubegard Tranny Instant Shudder Fixx

The original shudder fix; For long term benefit, use LUBEGARD ATF Protectant P/ N 60902; For use in ANY automatic transmission fluid. Not for use in Ford Type ...

Price: $4.85
The original transmission shudder fix; A concentrated friction modifier ... use in any automatic transmission fluid (not for use in Ford Type F or CVT applications)  ...  · More about this product »
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Q: What causes 1999 ford full size van transmission shudder?
A: gU6CQ8 , [url=]aqksepusmoxz[/url] [link=]hrkaksldgwzy[/link] Read More »
Q: What causes transmission shudder in a 1994 Ford Thunder bird?
A: I just had the same problem with my 1994 Ford Thunderbird, to make a long story short, the torque converter was bad. Mine had gotten really bad and started maki... Read More »
Q: Automatic transmission problem with my 2004 Ford Ranger, why is i...
A: it does not sound like your transmission. check your u joints and drive line. Read More »
Q: 2006 ford: Transmission shudders when down shifting after it warm...
A: Hi JAGUEST-54916851-  .  .  . Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer.  . Your 2006 has a TSB that Ford has released that deals with this problem and i... Read More »
Q: How to Fix a Transmission Shudder.
A: 1. Jack up the front of the car and install jack stands under the frame. Lower the car and make sure it is securely positioned on the stands. 2. Use a socket wr... Read More »