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Apr 12, 2016 ... How to find the area of an octagon with right triangle trigonometry.


Area of an Octagon is the amount of space occupied by the octagon. An octagon is a 8 sided polygon. A regular octagon has equal sides and internal angles.


Subject: Area of an octagon. Name: Farhana Who are you: Other. I have a regular octagon with sides of 0.8m and I need to find the area, please help ...


i need to find the area of an octagon with each side measuring 1 foot ... This equation allows you to find b and hence calculate the area of the octagon. Penny.


Know about octagon shape and octagon formula along with area of octagon ... of the triangles and then we can multiply by 8 to find the total area of the polygon.


(The use of two different methods to find the area will help students understand ... a general formula for the area, using the smaller shapes inside the octagon!


Formula for the area of a regular polygon. ... Four different ways to calculate the area are given, with a formula for each. Try this Drag the orange dots on each ...


The area of a regular polygon is given by the formula below. area = (½)(apothem )(perimeter). Several other area formulas are also available. ... Regular Octagon.


The formula for calculating the length of the apothem is this: the length of the side (s) divided by 2 ... The area of any regular polygon is given by the formula: .... If the drawing of your octagon (or whatever) has been separated into triangles, and  ...