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fraction, decimal, mm, fraction, decimal, mm, fraction, decimal ...

Fraction/Decimal Chart - Math is Fun


Fraction/Decimal Chart. Here is a chart of some commonly-used fractions and their decimal equivalents. These kind of fractions are often used for sizes of ...

FRACTION TO DECIMAL AND MM TABLE - ham radio - amateur radio


Convert fractions to decimals and millimeters and reverse.

Decimal to Fraction conversion calculator - RapidTables.com


Decimal to fraction number conversion: calculator, how to convert and conversion table.

Imperial CAD Scales - Conversion Chart


Architectural. Scale. Factor. Decimal. 1'=1'-0". 1:1. 1.0. 6"=1'-0". 1:6. 0.5. 1-1/2"=1'- 0". 1:8. 0.125. 1"=1'-0". 1:12. 0.08333. 3/4"=1'-0". 1:16. 0.06250. 1/2"=1'-0".

Fraction to Decimal Conversion - Math


Fraction to Decimal Conversion Tables. Important Note: any span of numbers that is underlined signifies that those numbes are repeated. For example, 0.09 ...

Fraction-to-Decimal Conversion Charts - The Oo Kingdom


Sep 9, 2003 ... The first two tables are useful for quickly converting inches to feet, ounces to pounds, or fractions to decimal values. It won't help you in ...

Convert MM, CM to Fractions of Inches


There are two types of scales commonly used on rulers; Fractional and Decimal. Fractional Rulers have graduations or marks based on fractions, for example ...

Fraction Decimal Calculator With Equivalents Table


It is designed to return the approximate fraction equivalent of a decimal number.

Decimal worksheets, charts and conversion tables


The decimal charts and tables will also serve as valuable reminders when working ... Decimals to Fractions (2 of 3) e.g. tenths, hundredths, thousandths, with ...

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Inches - Decimal Equivalents - Engineering ToolBox


Decimal equivalents of eights, sixteenths, thirty-seconds and sixty-fourths of an inch. ... related topics like Beaufort Wind Scale, CE-marking, drawing standards and more ... Inches - Fraction Decimal Equivalents - Inches - fractional decimal ... Conversion Chart - from Inches to mm - Convert fractional and/or decimal inches to ....

Inch Fraction Calculator - Inch Calculator


The chart below can be used to easily find the correct fraction for your decimal measurement, or vice-versa. Find decimal equivalents in <sup>1</sup>⁄64” increments, ...

Fraction to decimal conversions chart - fractions and decimals


Chart for fraction to decimal conversion, thirds, quarters, fifths, sixths, sevenths, eighths, ninths, tenths, elevenths, twelfths, sixteenths and thirty-seconths by ...