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Fish diseases and parasites


It afflicts over 50 species of freshwater and marine fish in the northern hemisphere. This flatfish Limanda limanda has an outgrowth called a xenoma. It is caused by a microsporidian fungal parasite...

Parasites of Freshwater Fish | Minnesota Sea Grant


May 4, 2016 ... How do I identify freshwater fish parasites? (External | Internal); What causes tumors in fish? What are the most common parasites? What's the ...

Some Parasites of Freshwater Fish | Marine pests and diseases ...


Some of the more obvious or commonly encountered parasites of freshwater fish are briefly described below. Further details of their life histories, effects on fish ...

common parasites, diseases and injuries of freshwater fishes


Jan 1, 1999 ... This booklet gives basic information on common parasites, diseases and injuries of fish harvested from fresh water in the Northwest Territories ...

Girl, 9, Killed by Brain-Eating Parasite in Water | TIME


Jul 16, 2014 ... Kansas and Florida officials issue health warnings about swimming in fresh water .

Types of Parasites on Freshwater Fish | Animals - mom.me


Freshwater tropical fish can be affected by a number of parasites that typically can cause the fish in the aquarium to grow thin and debilitated, become anemic or ...

Aquarium Fish Diseases and How to Spot Them | Tetra Aquarium


Common methods include physically removing the parasite and cleaning the wound with an antiseptic like iodine. Also common is bathing freshwater fish in a  ...

Parasites of Some Freshwater Fish from Armand River ... - NCBI


Results. 63.7% of the studied fishes were infected with 19 parasite species including Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, Myxobolus musayevi, Dactylogyrus lenkorani , ...

Freshwater fish parasites and environmental quality: an overview ...


Parassitologia. 1997 Sep;39(3):249-54. Freshwater fish parasites and environmental quality: an overview and caution. Kennedy CR(1). Author information:

Control of freshwater fish parasites: a Southeast Asian perspective.


Int J Parasitol. 1997 Oct;27(10):1185-91. Control of freshwater fish parasites: a Southeast Asian perspective. Tonguthai K(1). Author information: (1)Aquatic ...

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Nov 2, 2010 ... Schistosomiasis can be spread when people swim in or have contact with freshwater lakes that are contaminated with Schistosoma parasites.

CIR716/FA041: Introduction to Freshwater Fish Parasites - EDIS


Information provided in this circular is intended for the novice fish culturist as a guide to common parasites of freshwater fish. Identification of parasites and their  ...

Worms: Nematodes; Freshwater and Parasitic. Introductory text with ...


in the literature; possibly a million exist. They live in the soil, in the oceans and fresh water, and are found as internal parasites of most animals and many plants.