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Microtubules help chromosomes divide, combine with microfilaments to provide structure for a cell, and combine to form cilia and flagella that help cells move. Microtubules are eit...

Microtubules are cylidrical structures bundled into centrioles. They provide structural support for the cytoskeleton of the cell as well as connectivity between other organelles.




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Microtubules are hollow, fibrous shafts whose main function is to help support and give shape to the cell. They also serve a transportation function, as they are ...

Microtubules are fibrous, hollow rods, that function primarily to help support and shape the cell . They are typically found in all eukaryotic cells and are a component of the cytoskeleton , spindle fibers as well as cilia and flagella . Microtubules play an important... More »
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Because the functions of microtubules are so critical to the existence of eukaryotic cells (including our own), it is important that we understand their composition, ...

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All of the microfilaments and microtubules combine to form the cytoskeleton of the ... Beyond the role they play in internal cell movement, microtubules also work ...

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Summary of the main functions of microtubules together with basic information about the structure of microtubules that explains how they provide their main ...

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Oct 11, 2014 ... However the GTP that appears to function binds to the beta tubulin molecules. When a tubulin molecule adds to the microtubule, the GTP is ...

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The cytoskeleton gives cells structure and shape and allows them to move around. It's also important for intracellular transport. Learn about...

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Q: What is the function of microtubules.
A: When it comes to mitosis, this process is facilitated by a subgroup of microtubules known as astral microtubules, which are microtubules originating from the ce... Read More »
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Q: What are the functions of microtubules?
A: Microtubules help determine the cell shape, move chromosomes during cell division, and provide the internal structure of cilia and flagella. Previous question: ... Read More »
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Q: What is the function of microtubules in anaphase?
A: During the movement of chromosomes in anaphase, microtubules that extend between the kinetochores and the poles Read More »
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Q: What are the functions of microtubules?
A: Microtubules function to determine cell shape, some forms of cell locomotion Read More »
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Q: What are 4 functions of microtubules?
A: They are used for structural support, play a role transportation of m'cules and formation of the spindle fibers. I remember there being 4 things but I can't rem... Read More »
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