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A tripod is a portable three-legged frame, used as a platform for supporting the weight and maintaining the stability of some other object. A tripod provides ...

What is a tripod in a laboratory? | Reference.com


A laboratory tripod is a piece of three-legged equipment commonly used to conduct experiments in laboratories. ... What is the function of a test tube rack?

Function of tripod stand - Answers.com


Function of the Tripod stand. For supporting a few apparatus during heating.

What Is The Function Of Tripod? - Blurtit


Answer (1 of 3): Its main function is to stability, in order to achieve some photographic camera. The most common is long exposure, use a tripod to view or if a ...

Why do you need a tripod? | Tiffen


A great compilation of short to the point articles listing things a tripod can do for your photography and some great Davis & Sanford and Vista tripods that ...

Function of Tripod Cauldrons


Tripod cauldrons had various uses in ancient Greece. Although their original function was as cooking vessels, in later times large bronze tripods were mainly ...

CU Classics | Greek Vase Exhibit | Essays | Types of Tripods


There were two types of tripod cauldrons in ancient Greece: the Geometric and ... (3) Small versions of these are thought to once have had a domestic function, ...

Camera Tripod Hub | How To Choose The Right Tripod


A tripod is an essential part of a photographer's equipment list. Its primary function is to provide, solid, stable support to the camera, allowing the photographer to ...

M-Plate: A Multi-Function Camera Tripod Plate System by Custom ...


Custom SLR is raising funds for M-Plate: A Multi-Function Camera Tripod Plate System on Kickstarter! A camera tripod plate system with modular attachment ...

Black Series Dual Function LED Tripod Flashlight - Led Household ...


With 7 long-life LED lights, this dual-function LED tripod flashlight will provide bright illumination for any project. The head pivots so you can aim the light ...

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Laboratory tripod - Nanjing Shunp Electronics Co., Ltd


Laboratory tripod is a three-legged equipment, generally used as a platform of some sort. The word is derived from Greek word tripous, meaning "three feet".

Tripod Basics: 3 Types of Video Camera Tripods | Reel Marketer


In a pinch, for a video DSLR shooter, a tripod such as the Manfrotto Compact Tripod can be stored in a backpack and ... Function with a smaller video camera.

Selecting and Using a Camera Tripod - Cambridge in Colour


A camera tripod's function is pretty straightforward: it holds the camera in a precise ... But how can you tell when you should and shouldn't be using a tripod?