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A glass rod, stirring rod or stir rod is a piece of laboratory equipment used to mix chemicals and liquids for laboratory purposes. They are usually made of solid ...

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The primary function of a stirring rod is to stir solutions by hand. Stirring rods have other uses in the laboratory, however, including helping to decant liquid from ...

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Is "stirring" too obvious an answer? It's also sometimes used for decanting a supernatant liquid or scratching the side of a vessel to induce crystallization, but ...

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Find Stirring Rods for your Chemical Lab now at SpectrumChemical.com. ... Combines functions of stirring rod and rubber policeman. Flat paddle, 5/8 x 5/8 in.

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Glass Stirring Rods and Spatulas - posted in Equipment: Glass stirring rods may not be anywhere near the most expensive equipment the ...

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Kids learn about the lab equipment used for chemistry experiments such as beakers, flasks, test tubes, stirring rods, pipettes, bunsen burners, gloves, goggles, ...

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Nalgene® stirring rod policeman combines the functions of a stirring rod and a rubber policeman. A rubber policeman is a hand-held flexible natural-rubber ...

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Aug 15, 2013 ... The primary function of a beaker is to hold and work with liquids. .... However, it can be used to hold pipettes and stirring rods, etc. as well.

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The importance of selecting the proper Stirring Rod for each application may often be overlooked, but this should be done with great care. These Stirring Rods  ...

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Combine the functions of a stirring rod and rubber policeman with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polypropylene Stirring Rods, featuring a flat paddle at one end ...

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What is the function of glass rod? | Reference.com


A glass stirring rod is a common piece of lab equipment used to mix or stir liquids and chemicals. These rods are thicker than a typical drinking straw, have ...

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Jun 24, 2016 ... I can think of 2 main functions. 1. Be a rod. A solid Rod is worth a bundle. Don't use a stick, or a straw, or anything cylindrical, but a nice sturdy ...

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Jul 7, 2004 ... ... of the glassware and what it is used for. Beaker | Erlenmeyer Flask | Distilling Flask | Liebig Condenser | Test Tube | Funnel | Stirring Rod ...