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Gambol definition, to skip about, as in dancing or playing; frolic. See more.

19 تشرين الأول (أكتوبر) 2015 ... غامبول: حلقه البيضه / Gambol throat egg. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Your browser doesn't support full screen.

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intr.v. gam·boled, gam·bol·ing, gam·bols or gam·bolled or gam·bol·ling. To leap about playfully; frolic. n. A playful skipping or frolicking about.

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gambol (third-person singular simple present gambols, present participle (UK) gambolling or (US) gamboling, simple past and past participle (UK) gambolled or  ...

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gambol. Also known as a forward roll or a somersault. As part of the gymnastics routine, he did a gambol. #somersault #gambole #forward roll #backward roll ...

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gambol definition, meaning, what is gambol: to run and jump in a happy way: . Learn more.

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Gambol was Gotham City's African-American mob boss. His personality was very arrogant, impatient, tough, and confrontational. Although wealthy, Gambol ...

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Define gambol and get synonyms. What is gambol? gambol meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

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1500), from Middle French gambader, from gambade (see gambol (n.)). Compare Middle English gambon "a ham" (see gammon); English dialectal gammerel ...

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Define gambol: to run or jump in a lively way — gambol in a sentence.

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To gambol is to run around playing excitedly. Although the word sounds like " gamble," when you gambol you never lose — you just have a great time!

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