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Gemstone standard prices per carat, value charts. Average market prices updated monthly.


Chart depicting Saturation. Colored Gemstones Tone Chart- Vivid Tones will increase Gem Price. For example a Zambian mine would produce an Emerald of a ...


Realize that buyers and seller often disagree about the quality of a given gemstone, and the price or value of a gem is what one willing buyer and one willing ...


It takes millions of years for crystals to form in nature, and only a fraction of those will ever be found, mined, cut and sold as gemstones. The value of gemstones ...


Nov 13, 2008 ... Gemstone Prices: 10 factors that affect the price per carat of precious and semi- precious gems and jewelry, from the gem type to quality of 4C's, ...


Price per carat from: $720.00 to: $ 18240.00 Get accurate price. Alexandrite is the ... Alexandrite is considered one of the world's most valuable gemstones.


A list of diamond and gemstone pricing guides to help you learn about gem and jewelry values.


Grading information, value, graded gems.,Tanzanite Buying Guide, Tanzanite ... The following chart depicts the prices we have seen in the market in 2013.


Prices for colored gemstones can confuse even experienced buyers. Learn how gem dealers price their gems for the market. The price you pay for a gem should  ...


Nov 11, 2014 ... There are so many types of gemstones available today. We have created a comprehensive list of gemstones to guide you and help to find the ...