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Human genetic variation


Human genetic variation is the genetic differences both within and among ... have had an important influence in neutral differences between populations. .... to having higher levels of genetic diver...

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artificial selection. natural selection. genetic drift. inheritance of acquired characteristics. ... Genetic differences between populations tend to be reduced by .

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Gene flow is the transfer of genetic material between separate populations. ... When there is a great deal of gene flow between populations, they tend to be ...

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Most of the genetic differences between human populations today appear to ... reflects population differences in genetic and non-genetic factors, which tend to ...

Genetic differences between populations tend to be reduced by


Gene flow tends to reduce diffences between populations.

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Genetic drift - "In small populations, chance events produce outcomes that differ ... correlation between population size and genetic diversity (two measures of). ... If selection and migration tend to increase the frequencies of the same ... If migration is stronger than selection, differences among populations will be reduced.

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All genetic variation in a population is generated by mutation. ... Assortative mating occurs when individuals tend to mate with those that have ... Assortative mating divides a population into two phenotypic classes with reduced gene exchange. ... or out of a population can breakdown genetic differences between populations.

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Local populations typically exhibit some degree of genetic differentiation, and the pattern of the distribution of genetic differences between populations is .... also lead to genetic differentiation between populations because of absent or reduced ... Anadromous populations of a species tend to have more genetic variation than  .....

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Sep 22, 2006 ... Population genetics is a field of biology that studies the genetic ... observed fact that offspring do tend to resemble their parents—'the strong principle of .... There were important intellectual differences between Fisher, ...... as well as phenotypic evolution, can ultimately be reduced to gene frequency change.

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Allele frequencies in a population may change due to gene flow, genetic drift, ... be overrepresented in the gene pool while causing a reduced population size. ... These situations tend to increase the chance of the homozygous condition, ... Gene flow has the effect of minimizing the genetic differences between populations.

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Q: Genetic differences between populations tend to be reduced by?
A: A. Gene Flow Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_flow Read More »
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Q: Genetic differences between populations tend to be reduced by ?
A: I would have to say D the bottleneck effect It is NOT the founder effect, mutation is with an individual, and gene flow---also called migration—is any movement ... Read More »
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Q: What do genetic differences in a population tend to be reduced by...
A: Gene flow. Read More »
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A: I've never heard this distinction emphasized before. I suppose that disruptive, stabilizing, and directional (including positive) selection can each increase th... Read More »
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A: This is a danger, but it can be prevented, in principle, by matching the ancestry of cases and controls. Thus, each time you include an affected individual (a '... Read More »
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