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In population genetics, gene flow is the transfer of genetic variation from one population to ... High rates of gene flow can reduce the genetic differentiation between the two ... of factors that affect the rate of gene flow between different populations. ... Animals tend to be more mobile than plants, although pollen and seeds may ...


artificial selection. natural selection. genetic drift. inheritance of acquired characteristics. ... Genetic differences between populations tend to be reduced by .


Over time, reproductive isolation can lead to genetic differences between two ... reduces the power of natural selection to promote divergence between them. When there is a great deal of gene flow between populations, they tend to be similar; ...


D) It tends to be reduced by the processes involved when diploid organisms ... Members of a population tend to be genetically more similar to each other than to .... genetically different from the parental population of South American finches, ... The outcome of the conflict between bacteria and bacteriophage at any point in ...


Under natural selection, individuals tend to adapt to their ... reproductive success across all populations tend to become .... genetic drift or by variation of selection pressure with distance. ..... they have to differ between habitats to reduce gene.


A) bottleneck effect B) high rates of mutation D) founder effect C) natural selection 33) ______ 34) Genetic differences between populations tend to be reduced ...


variation because different populations may have different allele frequencies. - gene flow between populations maintains genetic similarity of populations. - isolation (no ... tends to reduce genetic variation within population. Ex. a population ...


Reduction or restriction of gene flow between populations is essential for the ... Assortative mating occurs when individuals tend to mate with those that have the ... or out of a population can breakdown genetic differences between populations.


For the flower-color locus, the population's genetic structure is in a state of Hardy- Weinberg .... Gene flow tends to reduce differences between populations.


Note that the level of genetic variation within a population is dynamic: It .... A line graph shows the relationship between the effective mating population ... will reduce Ne (the size of an ideal population that experiences genetic drift at ... Consider that, depending on the measure used, randomly chosen humans tend to differ at ...