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Genetic variation means that biological systems – individuals and populations – are different over space. Each gene pool includes various alleles of genes.


Feb 4, 2015 ... Genetic variation is a term used to describe the variation in the DNA sequence in each of our genomes. Genetic variation is what makes us all ...


Genetic variation. Without genetic variation, some of the basic mechanisms of evolutionary change cannot operate. There are three primary sources of genetic  ...


Genetic variation describes naturally occurring genetic differences among individuals of the same species. This variation permits flexibility and survival of a  ...


Find information, videos, and activities about orgins of genetic variation, the diversity in gene frequencies.


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Apr 25, 2008 ... Understanding human genetic variation. □ Homo sapiens are a relatively young species. ▫ We have not had much time to develop genetically ...


Dec 14, 2009 ... Variations of genomes between members of species, or between groups of species thriving in different parts of the world as a result of genetic ...


Jun 4, 2015 ... Natural selection is the process that drives evolution, but what drives natural selection? Genetic variation increases the genetic diversity in and.


Mar 5, 2016 ... Definition: In genetic variation, the genes of organisms within a population change. Gene alleles determine distinct traits that can be passed on ...