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Sep 7, 2010 ... Gnats are also commonly known as fruit flies or vinegar flies and ... http://www. ehow.com/way_5614676_gnat-repellent-home-remedy.html.

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Home Remedy for Keeping Gnats Off You | eHow. Homemade Gnat Repellent. " Gnats" colloquially refers to any of several types of small flies that bite, swarm or ...

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Prepare an alcohol solution. Mix a little rubbing alcohol or drinking alcohol with water inside a large spray bottle. Mix 1/2 cup (125 ...

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A little vanilla extract on the brim of your hat acts as a “natural” gnat repellent. ..... I have also tried home remedy solutions of Vinegar, water Vanilla, nothing ...

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats Fast | Top 10 Home Remedies


A popular and effective home remedy to get rid of fruit flies as well as gnats is apple cider vinegar. ... This homemade spray also works to deter spiders and ants.

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Natural Repellent for Gnats & Fruit Flies ... Gnat repellants containing botanical oils are common. ... What Is a Natural Remedy for Getting Rid of Flies? Difference  ...

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The single most effective treatment for fungus gnats in house plants. ... One very unsafe method is to spray the home with pesticide, while leaving the doors and ...

20 Effective Home Remedies on How to Get Rid Of Gnats Infestation


Amongst various home remedies for getting rid of gnats, the easiest and the ... remedies to get rid of gnats one is to prepare a homemade gnat spray that acts as ...

30 Ways to Get Rid of Gnats Inside and Outside the House


Aug 4, 2015 ... Learn how to get rid of gnats in house or outdoors. ... When they try to sit over the surface of the solution they get drowned. This is ... You can spray this mixture around your home, near your plants or near garbage cans.

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Jul 13, 2011 ... Get rid of pesky household gnats with a safe and easy to make gnat trap. ... to be powerful medicine that CURES depression with a single treatment . .... If you want to use a gnat spray, use regular kitchen water in a spray bottle ...

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A swarm of gnats feel right at home buzzing over your fruit bowl as well. ... how effective these natural remedies can be at ridding your yard of those pesky gnats.

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Aug 27, 2014 ... Get pesky gnats out of your house and off your body using natural methods. ( Photo: D. ... 13 surprising home remedies for acid reflux. 6.

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Jul 13, 2015 ... Spritz, the solution on the plants, to get rid of fungus gnats. The use of ... Have you ever thought of using it as a gnat repellent? Yes, you can ...