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Subsidence is the motion of a surface (usually, the Earth's surface) as it shifts downward relative to a datum such as sea-level. The opposite of subsidence is uplift, which results in an increa...

Land Subsidence From Ground-Water Pumping


CAUSE OF LAND SUBSIDENCE FROM GROUND-WATER PUMPING. Land subsidence is the lowering of the land-surface elevation from changes that take ...

Land subsidence, USGS Water Science School


Land subsidence and relation to withdrawals of groundwater, from the USGS ... rock compacts because the water is partly responsible for holding the ground up.

You think you're on safe ground but then subsidence strikes | House ...


Aug 16, 2008 ... In case you hadn't noticed, it's the height of summer – the time of year when warmer temperatures and drying ground often lead to subsidence.

Subsidence Support : What causes subsidence?


The core causes and triggers of soil shrink/swell subsidence. ... Softening the ground and therefore its load bearing capacity, resulting in the downward ...

buildings insurance: subsidence - Financial Ombudsman Service


Apr 15, 2016 ... online technical note on buildings insurance: subsidence. ... Upward movement of the ground beneath the buildings as a result of the soil ...

Land Subsidence In Arizona - Arizona Department of Water Resources


Active Land Subsidence Areas in Arizona Based on ADWR InSAR Data ... Earth fissures are identified by using on the ground and aerial monitoring techniques.

What is natural ground subsidence? - Groundsure


Subsidence refers to the upward, lateral or downward movement of the ground that can be caused by a range of natural geological hazards.

Little Known Reasons for Ground Subsidence in California | CSE for ...


Feb 20, 2012 ... Subsidence is the downward motion of the ground compared to a reference point (i.e. sea level). California landscape architects need to ...

Land Subsidence and Cracking


Subsidence of the land surface due to ground-water overdraft is caused by ... subsidence that agree with those observed, i.e., about 5 to. 50 cm (2 to 20 inches ) ...

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Ground Subsidence | Colorado Geological Survey


subsidence area road sign SUBSIDENCE is the sinking or settling of the ground surface. It can occur by a number of methods. Ground subsidence can result ...

Earthquake Induced Land Subsidence - Arkansas Geological Survey


These earthquakes initiated significant liquefaction that drastically changed the ground surface. Land subsidence was one of the major effects of these ...

A Guide to Subsidence - What is subsidence?


Subsidence results in cracking and hence property damage. A more ... ' Subsidence may be defined as a downward movement within the ground' ( Anumba and.