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Gum Discoloration: What Causes Gums to Turn Black or White ...


Oct 23, 2014 ... Gum Discoloration: What Causes Gums to Turn Black or White? When you think of a great set of teeth and gums, you probably imagine pearly ...

Why do I have black gums? | HowStuffWorks


Wondering why you have black gums? In many cases there is hope for treatment. Learn why you might have black gums.

What Causes Dark gums? | BlackDoctor


Nov 19, 2014 ... If your gums appear dark or blackened, don't worry, there are a number of reasons why this happened. This condition might be due to heredity, ...

Why are my dogs gums turning black? | Reference.com


Dog's gums can turn black when a dog has dental disease, or they can simply naturally be black according to the American Kennel Club and the Massachusetts  ...

How to Get Pink Gums (with Pictures) - wikiHow


To get healthy pink gums, you must take care of them as you do your hair or skin. You can ... You might even see visible holes in teeth or brown/black staining on the surface of the tooth. Flag as ... This will irritate your gums and turn them red.

How to treat black gums? How to make gums pink


Sometimes, our gums turn grayish because of the accidental implantation of the silver ... These patches are spotted by black gums around the crown, filling and ...

Woman whose gums turned BLACK is diagnosed with skin cancer of ...


May 14, 2015 ... A South Korean woman whose gums turned black was suffering from an extremely rare form of skin cancer of the mouth. (Her gums are ...

Gums turned dark due to smoking — Netdoctor.co.uk


Feb 6, 2010 ... My gums have turned dark in last few months due to smoking. I am very concerned.

Black Gums Around Crown & Teeth in Children: Causes & Treatments


However, dark patches or spots on the gums can be more than just an unsightly occurrence. In some instances, your gums could turn black in color, as an ...

How To Get Pink Gums, Causes Of Dark Gums, Treatment Of Dark ...


Dark pigmented gums don't mean that they are unhealthy and are not an .... are turned back to pink, are there any possibilities that they will turn back to black?

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Why do gums get black? - Quora


If your gums were pink before, we can eliminate the possibility that your pigment is ... Here are some reasons that gums turn black: 1. Smoking ...

What can cause dark gums around someone's teeth? | Reference.com


While the gums around the teeth have the tendency to turn dark, or may already have been dark in the first place, other parts of the gum such as the area ...

What causes black gums? | Reference.com


According to How Stuff Works, black gums are the result of black gum disease, otherwise known as acute necrotizing periodontal disease. An imbalance in ...