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Telephony is the field of technology involving the development, application, and deployment of ... The term is also used frequently to refer to computer hardware, software, and computer network syst...

Internet Telephony: The Basics


What are the different ways Internet telephony can be used? ... The hardware and /or software requirements vary (of course, an Internet connection is always ...

Internet Telephony Explained - Webopedia.com


Jan 19, 2007 ... Internet telephony describes a category of hardware and software ... PC-to-PC telephony is free — you should never be required to pay to make ...

Hardware and Software Requirements for VoIP - Streetdirectory.com


Voice over Internet telephony has changed the way we communicate. The innovative, flexible and scalable solutions have engineered a revolution of sorts in the ...

VoIP Requirements List - VoIP Supply


Since VoIP utilizes your Internet connection and your network to transport calls, ... Before selecting your VoIP hardware (such as VoIP phones , soft phones and ...

Internet telephony – Travel guide at Wikivoyage


Internet telephony behaves poorly if used as a virtual "telephone line" to serve any ... hardware such as self-contained Internet telephones or adapters to plug ... With these apps, a SIP provider is needed to reach standard telephones; costs ...

Network Setup and VoIP Requirements Checklist | Easy Office Phone


Bandwidth is the amount of information which your internet connection can send and receive in a ...

System Requirements for Internet Telephony and Internet Long ...


Dialspree Internet Phone - handset for internet telephony.

Internet Telephony - Computer Science & Engineering


Internet Telephony is a powerful and economical communication options by ... making it possible to perform processor-intensive functions without specialized hardware. .... The adopted CS-ACELP algorithm meets stringent requirements and ...

What hardware do I need to connect to the Internet? | Reference.com


Hardware needed to connect to the Internet includes a digital subscriber line ... A: DSL Internet is Internet that is accessed over telephone lines and can also be ...

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Internet telephony – What is internet telephony (VoIP)?


In order to use internet telephony one requires the appropriate hardware. Four different alternatives are available here. The first option is to use a standard ...

Common VoIP Hardware Devices and Equipment - Voice Over IP


Here is a list of the most common hardware devices you will use for VoIP: Phone Adapters (ATA), Routers, ... Here is a list of the equipment that is normally required for VoIP. ... Simply said, a router is a device used for Internet connection.

Hardware and software required to set up basic VoIP service


Hardware and software required to set up basic VoIP service ... Finally, you will need an Internet connection from your service provider. More than likely, this will  ...