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Heat is the amount of energy flowing from one body of matter to another spontaneously due to ... Historically, many energy units for measurement of heat have been used. ..... at constant pressure, or approximately at atmospheric pressure, the enthalpy is therefore sometimes given the misleading name of 'heat content'.


Table 3. SI derived units with special names and symbols ... energy, work, quantity of heat, joule, J, N·m, m2·kg·s-2. power, radiant flux, watt, W, J/s, m2·kg·s- 3.


It also has its own special unit name, Watt (and to distinguish it from the symbol for work I will use W). ... Heat is a form of energy and thus is measured in Joules.


Noun, 1. heat unit - a unit of measurement for work. energy unit, work unit · unit, unit of measurement - any division of quantity accepted as a standard of ...


These tables describe units for measuring energy, work, and heat including ... Other Metric (SI) Equivalents with More Basic Units ... Other Names.


Define heat unit: british thermal unit. ... What made you want to look up heat unit? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).


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Oct 25, 2014 ... It allows you to see the heat from mild to hot, as well as get an idea of what that ... To read more about a chili pepper, click on its name to view .... The units by which the Scoville scale is measured (read more about them here).


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