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Hickory (from Powhatan) is a type of tree, comprising the genus Carya (Ancient Greek: κάρυον "nut"). The genus includes 17–19 species of deciduous trees ...

How to Identify Hickory Trees: 13 Steps (with Pictures)


Hickory - belonging to a section of the Walnut family - is a canopy tree that is ... Leaf size. Depending on the species, a hickory leaflet may be anywhere between  ...

Identifying Hickory and Walnut Trees Native to Tennessee Using ...


or walnut tree. Leaf characteristics can be used to distinguish hickory and walnut from other species, but to identify the particular hickory or walnut species, it is ...

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to HOME - What Tree Is It? Shagbark Hickory Banner. Shagbark Hickory Leaf, Shagbark Hickory Fruit. Leaf Characteristics. broad, flat; compound; pinnately ...

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Name, Habitat, Leaf, Leaf margin / lower surface, Nut ... Carya carolinae- septentrionalis; southern shagbark hickory ... The Nut Trees of Land Between the Lakes.

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Apr 4, 2012 ... Trees with Don Leopold - bitternut hickory ... The leaves look like those you show and right now (Oct./Fall) they have a beautiful gold hue.

Trees of Ohio: Bitternut, Shagbark, Shellbark Hickory


The number of leaflets on a Hickory leaf and their size are a good identifier. Bitternut are the smallest leaf (about one foot but usually with 7 leaflets) and ...

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Hickory trees are also grown for shade, for their hard wood, and as a habitat for ... are closely related, and they are distinguished by their leaf composition and ...

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Compound Leaf. Boxelder. Honeylocust. Mockernut Hickory. Pecan. Red Buckeye. Shagbark Hickory. Boxelder. "Ashleaf Maple" (Acer negundo) Height 30-60'.

Mockernut Hickory


Mockernut Hickory is one of several common hickory trees in our area. ... Mockernut Hickory leaves are pinnately compound, which means there are many little ...

How to Identify a Hickory Tree Leaf
Most of the approximately 20 known species of hickory tree are native to and can be found in the United states. In fact, along with the oak tree, the hickory is the most populous tree in the hardwood forests of North America. A hickory tree is easily... More »
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You most probably have a broadleaf or deciduous tree that is either an ash, hickory, walnut or pecan. Let's continue... If you need to start over return to the Tree ...

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Hickory trees lose their leaves in the fall and can therefore be classified as deciduous trees. Other deciduous trees include oak trees, maple trees, birch trees, ...

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Shagbark Hickory (Carya ovata). Leaves are alternate, compound with five to nine leaflets. click on a county. Shagbark is the most common of the hickories in ...