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Binge drinking, or heavy episodic drinking, is a modern epithet for drinking alcoholic beverages ... Stolle, Sack and Thomasius define binge drinking as episodic excessive ... Binge drinking is also associated with an increased risk of unplanned sex, ... Binge drinking has been associated with high odds of divorce, spousal ...


The term "high-risk drinking" refers to alcohol consumption that results in ill effects to an individual's health or safety. The two main types of high-risk drinking are ...


SAMHSA defines heavy alcohol use as binge drinking on 5 or more days in the past ... NIAAA's Definition of Drinking at Low Risk for Developing Alcohol Use ...


For healthy adults in general, drinking more than these single-day or weekly limits is considered at-risk or heavy drinking. Find out if your drinking is putting you ...


(1 In this study, binge drinking was defined as consuming five or more drinks in a ..... overall alcohol consumption rates or reduce the rates of high-risk drinking.


Jun 8, 2017 ... Excessive alcohol use can lead to increased risk of health problems such as ... What does it mean to be above the legal limit for drinking? .... (the voice box), and esophagus; high blood pressure; and psychological disorders.


Jun 7, 2017 ... Excessive alcohol use can lead to increased risk of health problems such as ... National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines binge drinking as a ... Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart ...


Aug 9, 2017 ... Meaning Substantial increases in alcohol use, high-risk drinking, and DSM-IV alcohol use disorder constitute a public health crisis and portend ...


Mar 23, 2016 ... A female "heavy drinker" is someone who has 8 or more drinks a week, ... The definition on NIAAA's website of "heavy" or "at-risk" drinking is the ... It can lead to high blood pressure, psychological problems, and pancreatitis.