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Historical method


Historical method comprises the techniques and guidelines by which historians use primary sources and other evidence, ... If the sources all agree about an event, historians can consider the event p...

How do historians try to address the bias of all sources - Answers.com


Cross-checking sources against other evidence. However, there's no 'patent recipe' for dealing ... How is the bias rule important to historians? It helps historians ... What does the Bias rule recognize about all sources? That every source is biased in some way. 4 people ... What source is most likely to have a balanced bia...

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All writing assignments are intended to be read, and the intended ... Base your paper on primary sources and a thorough reading of secondary sources. ... about ," they should reflect some of the same words and ideas. .... What were the most important events that happened, the least important? 7. ... caused the second.

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A good thesis answers an important research question about how or why ... Like good detectives, historians are critical of their sources and cross-check ..... You may be most tempted to start this way when you are writing on a ... Note: The Writing Center suggests standard abbreviations for noting some of these problems.

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A citation is the part of your paper that tells your reader where your source information came from. This is one of the most important elements to your paper. ... in the body of your text, and to directly address the arguments of other historians. ... As this suggests, you must cite all information that constitutes another author's...

Bias in Historical Description, Interpretation, and Explanation


There are four common ways in which historical writing can be biased. First, ... For example, they might attend to evidence that suggests that a certain event occurred, but ... torical events when some but not all of the important causes are mentioned, so ... The only source of bias that historians cannot readily set aside is cul-.

Can History be Open Source? Wikipedia and the Future of the Past


The very first entry on a "rules to consider" page was the "Ignore All Rules" rule ( to ... American historians might look first at the Wikipedia page headed "List of ... Equally important, some articles do not seem to have attracted much interest from .... Today he is perhaps America's second most famous and...

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Socrates was married to Xanthippe, and according to some sources, had a second wife. Most suggest that he first married Xanthippe, and that she gave birth to ...

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Hence, historians of Indian philosophy typically understand the term “Hindu ... texts of primary and secondary religious importance, but also the systematic ... Moreover, it is not evident that it is embraced by all sources that we consider Hindu. .... to the end of the Vedic period, and in some ways is still very much alive today.

How Historians use Historical Newspapers


source research, the second greatest preference was for. microfilm ... identified as both historians' "most important" and "most often used" ... Rules of thumb for.

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Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct (updated 2011)


Some of the most important sections of this Statement address questions about ... All historians believe in honoring the integrity of the historical record. ... way to ongoing scholarly and public debates over what those sources tell us about the past. .... The second line of defense against plagiarism is organized and punitive.

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qualifications to meet the needs of pupils of all ages and abilities. .... Some/ uneven understanding of key concepts relevant to .... of appropriate source material ...... returns, although some may suggest that it was Elizabeth's failure to update ... 18 To what extent was Charles I personal rule the most important cause of the ...

Philosophy of History (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)


Feb 18, 2007 ... Second, historians often want to answer “why” questions: “Why did this ... with an ocean of historical traces in repositories and archives all over the ... is to find ways of using this body of evidence to discern some of the truth about the past. .... Hegel's philosophy of history is perhaps the most fully develope...