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The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial: A General Background and Source List


Since its discovery in 1939, the Sutton Hoo burial site has been the most important ... There is a section for the study of artifacts, Sutton Hoo is put into historical ...

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YOU ARE HERE : Homework Index > History > Saxons > Sutton Hoo ... Near the River Deben in Suffolk, at Sutton Hoo, are eleven mounds or 'barrows' dating ...

British Museum - Room 41: Europe AD 300-1100


The gallery's centrepiece is the Anglo-Saxon ship burial at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk – one of the most spectacular and important discoveries in British archaeology.

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Sutton Hoo: Anglo-Saxon ship burial. British Museum. One of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries ever made. In 1939, just before the outbreak of ...

Sutton Hoo | National Trust


Visitor information for the National Trust's Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. ... Explore the atmospheric 7th-century burial mounds as you discover the history and mystery of ...

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The finds at Sutton Hoo changed historians' views about the Anglo-Saxon period, which had been regarded as a Dark Age following the end of Roman Britain.

Sutton Hoo ship burial | Medieval | Ancient and Medieval history ...


Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, c. 700 (British Museum, London) Multiple bronze, gold and silver objects of Anglo Saxon origin, found in Suffolk, England, including: a ...

The Sutton Hoo ship burial | Medieval era | Europe | The British ...


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Free Bars Organizing Idea: The findings at Sutton Hoo validate descriptions and references made in Beowulf and prove the historical value of this epic poem.

Sutton Hoo - Wikipedia
Sutton Hoo, near Woodbridge, East Anglia, is the site of two 6th- and early 7th- century cemeteries. One contained an undisturbed ship burial, including a wealth  ... More »
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Over 4000 garnets, red precious stones, were used on objects from Sutton Hoo, some of them in the helmet's eyebrowsThe Sutton Hoo Helmet is one of the most  ...

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... greatest treasure. Sutton Hoo is an Anglo-Saxon ship burial from 620AD. ... Sutton Hoo. History, tourist information, and nearby accommodation. BY DAVID ...

AD 700 – Sutton Hoo | Current Archaeology


May 24, 2007 ... In the 7th century AD, a King - it was surely no less - received a magnificent burial at Sutton Hoo, in East Anglia. A ship was hauled up from the ...