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Ammonia solution, also known as ammonia water, ammonical liquor, ammonia liquor, aqua ammonia, aqueous ammonia, or (inaccurately) ammonia, is a solution of ammonia in water. It can be denoted by the symbols NH3(aq). It is sometimes thought of as a solution of ammonium hydroxide. More »


ammonium hydroxide | NH4OH or H5NO | CID 14923 - structure, chemical names, ... Such a precipitate can explode on stirring [MCA Case History 1554 1968].


Ammonium hydroxide. chemical compound. Written By: The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica. See Article History. Alternative Title: aqua ammonia.


Ammonium hydroxide may not be a familiar formula to you, but it's actually found in the food you eat and the products you regularly use. This...


Ammonium hydroxide definition, a basic compound, NH 4 OH, existing only in ... Examples from the Web for ammonium hydroxide. Expand. Historical Examples.


In water the electrons around the nitrogen atom can easily capture a proton, forming an alkaline solution called ammonium hydroxide which is highly reactive  ...


1 Occurrence; 2 History; 3 Synthesis and production; 4 Biosynthesis; 5 Properties .... The strength of ammonium hydroxide is measured in units of baume ...


At last,Ammonium hydroxide(1336-21-6) safety, risk, hazard and MSDS, CAS,cas ... Such a precipitate can explode on stirring [MCA Case History 1554 1968].


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NOSB TAP Review Compiled by OMRI Ammonium Hydroxide Processing ..... History shows that quite often it has been the case that an organic operator ...