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Gloeosporium convallariae causes spots on live leaf of Convallaria majalis ..... Shoichi, Life-history monographs of Japanese plants, 6: Convallaria keiskei Miq.

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Appearance: Convallaria majalis is a perennial herbaceous rhizomatous plant that grows up to 12 in (30 cm) tall. It is native to Asia and Europe. Some sources ...

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Description: This perennial herbaceous plant consists of a pair of leaves that are nearly basal and a single raceme of flowers. The leaf blades are 5-10" long, ...

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... Serial No.: 42909. (Download Help) Convallaria majalis TSN 42909 ... Direct Children: Variety, Convallaria majalis var. majalis L. – European lily of the valley.

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Culture. Easily grown in moist, fertile, organically rich, well-drained soils in part shade to full shade. Performs well in sun-dappled shade. In optimum growing ...

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Flora North America states: "Convallaria may be viewed as monotypic with three ( or ... Below is a quote from Historical Note on Convallaria Majalis by Dr Edward ...

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History. In France, lily-of-the-valley is considered a good-luck charm. It is made into small bouquets, or nosegays, which are traditionally given for luck on May ...

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(Convallaria majalis), fragrant perennial herb and only species of the genus Convallaria of the family ... Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) ... Article History .

Convallaria majuscula


Previously Used Scientific Names: Convallaria majalis var. montana ... Life History: American lily-of-the-valley is a perennial herb that reproduces vegetatively by.

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Apr 21, 2015 ... 1 Anatomy; 2 Reproduction; 3 Ecology; 4 Uses and History; 5 Gallery; 6 References ... The most recognized species of lily of the valley is C. majalis, also called the European lily of .... Convallaria majalis Encyclopedia of Life.

Lily of the valley
Lily of the valley, sometimes written lily-of-the-valley, scientific name Convallaria majalis /ˌkɒnvəˈlɛəriə məˈdʒeɪlᵻs/, is a sweetly scented, highly poisonous ... More »
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A limited native population occurs in Eastern USA (Convallaria majalis var. .... Shoichi, Life-history monographs of Japanese plants, 6: Convallaria keiskei Miq.

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Lily of the Valley: Convallaria Majalis, May Lily, Our Lady's Tears, Convall-lily, Lily Constancy, Ladder-to-Heaven, Jacob's Ladder, Male Lily ... History: ...

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Convallaria majalis, lily of the valley, illustrates the difficulty of categorising plants which can lead to confusion about their poisonous components.