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Apr 10, 2014 ... Background If you put an egg in a cup of tap water, it will sink to the bottom. Why is ... But just how much salt is needed to make an egg float?


Eggs sink in regular tap water, but creating a saltwater solution… that's an egg- citingly different story. ... In the Floating Egg experiment, we'll show you how the addition of something as simple as table salt, can drastically alter what happens to ...


May 1, 2015 ... Float or Sink? ... Observe the two containers and record your results. ... In this experiment, you observed that the egg placed in saltwater floated ...


May 6, 2008 ... Hard boiled is less of a mess in case of a broken egg! ... how many teaspoons of salt it will take to float an egg in one cup of water. ... Record the results and have students whether their hypothesis was supported or rejected.


The Salt Water Egg Experiment explains why materials (such as an egg) float more in salt water than in fresh water.


Students work in groups of four to make a salt solution that will “float” an egg ... (1 ) To answer a question of historical interest using modern measurements.


Float an egg in a beaker with an easy density science project.


Oct 22, 2012 ... Try this simple floating eggs experiment to see how density can make an egg float at different levels.


Not only eggs but people float in saltwater like corks! But why does salt help? And why things float? According to the old story, Archimedes (287 ...