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Hogwarts is home to at least twenty ghosts, but when people in the novels speak of the ghosts at Hogwarts they are usually ...

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A ghost is the disembodied spirit of a once-living wizard or witch. Only magical beings can become ghosts. Many ghosts take up residence within Hogwarts ...

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Hogwarts is the most heavily haunted dwelling place in Britain (and this is against stiff competition, as there are more reported ghost sightings/sensings on these ...

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The 6 best-loved ghosts (and one poltergeist) at Hogwarts.

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Apr 9, 2014 ... There are at least twenty ghosts at Hogwarts including the four ghosts that oversee each of the four houses at the school. Hogwarts ghosts are ...

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Jun 5, 2012 ... Ghosts in Harry Potter aren't the product of 'Unfinished Business' as they often are in other fictional universes; they are produced by someone ...

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The Bloody Baron is avoided by most ghosts, and the Hogwarts ghosts don't go into the Shrieking Shack because they say a “rough crowd” lives there (although  ...

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Aug 22, 2016 ... When there's something strange, in the halls of school. Who you gonna call? Harry Potter!

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Why did Helena Ravenclaw, Myrtle, The Bloody Baron, The Fat Friar, ... Sirius doesn't live in Hogwarts because he chose not to leave an imprint of himself.

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May 4, 2015 ... Ghosts of Hogwarts allows you to revisit the memories of all the Harry Potter movies by allowing you to explore the castle with your Oculus Rift ...

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The Friar returned from the dead as a ghost, and returned to Hogwarts Castle, where he became the house ghost of his former House, Hufflepuff. He has thus far ...

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We may only know the ghosts of Hogwarts as the ghosts of Hogwarts: spirits that haunt the halls, guiding students and occasionally causing mischief. Yet they ...

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There are a large number of them in Hogwarts; they are able to speak with the living, but being incorporeal are unable to have any effect on matter. Six ghosts ...