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A blasting cap is a small sensitive primary explosive device generally used to detonate a larger, more powerful and less sensitive secondary explosive such as  ...

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Detonators (blasting caps) can be made from a used small arms cartridge case and field-manufactured explosives. Detonators are used to initiate secondary ...

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These "homemade" caps will detonate most of the high explosives that their commercial counterparts will. Fuse caps are blasting caps that are fired by the flame ...

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Dec 9, 2011 ... ... to make an electric ignitor / detonator also called igniter or blasting cap ... Mk.1 Homemade Wireless Ignition System (Salute rockets, Smoke ...
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Oct 16, 2012 ... Why waste so much time and resources on ETN blasting caps, I make my caps .... with explosives viewing a DIY Blasting cap video on youtube.
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Sep 27, 2011 ... it my home made cap blasting i made it by using matchs.
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Apr 5, 2014 ... Wanted to see what my blasting cap would do to a log :)
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Dec 29, 2013 ... How to make a blasting cap. TheGadgetGuy ... Blasting Cap Danger - 1957 Safety / Educational Documentary - Ella73TV - Duration: 14:40.

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HMTD is a primary explosive and one which is too unstable for use in blasting caps. >Q. How much powder must be used in relation to the main charge?

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Blasting caps for construction also work well. Model rocketry igniters are sold in packages of six, and cost about $1.00 per pack. All that need be done to use ...

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Feb 10, 2009 ... if you are using the blasting cap to detonate another explosive, ... Dynomite is the only homemade explosive strong enough to be of any use.

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How can a thing such as a homemade blast cap misfire? I don't see the problem. Also we can add more secondary at will, not just the 1g or less ...

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Apr 6, 2012 ... The little explosive gadget most often used to initiate the Explosive Train is a Blasting Cap. 4. Blasting Caps come in two primary types: Electric ...