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Many detonators' primary explosive is a material called ASA compound. ... plastic tube delivers the firing impulse to the detonator, making it immune to most of ...

Homemade Remote Detonator - YouTube


Jan 13, 2012 ... Homemade Remote Detonator ... How to make an electric Igniter / Blasting cap / Detonator / Ignitor - Duration: 3:17. by CrEaTiVePyroScience ...

Homemade Remote Detonator - YouTube


Feb 23, 2013 ... Homemade Remote Detonator ... Make A Phone Detonator ! ... Fire 10 Electric Matches Simultaneously Homemade Firing System - Duration: ...

Wireless detonator very simple - YouTube


May 10, 2012 ... I made a detonator out of walky-talkies .... heh. i know a guy who build an RC car remote detonator for a pipe bomb, .... im making a movie.

Remote Detonator - Instructables


here is a guide on how to make your own remote detonator (using radio):you will need ... Ok, Making a detonator can be foolish, but it's a lot less dangerous than ...

Electronic Detonator - Instructables


This detonator includes numerous safety features such as a detachable power supply, an ARM switch, ... I'm not very handy but I need some remote detonators.

DIY RC Fireworks Ignition System - Instructables


Definition: RC detonator - Circuit that allows you to ignite fireworks without using ... Just press the button on the remote and the fireworks ignites There is a video at ... then modify it by making the input signals resistors values realy low (just use ...

How can i make a wireless detonator? - Instructables


Jun 19, 2010 ... try using a relay, a remote control car, and a camera tazer capacitor. ... like a wireless detonator and what you need to do is find an old remote ...

remote detonator - Everything2.com

everything2.com/title/remote detonator

Oct 16, 2002 ... Remote controlled bombs are very similar to time bombs (timer|read about them here) in many ways, except they are safer. Relatively, anyway.

Hack a cell phone into a remote detonator « Explosives & Fireworks


Aug 8, 2008 ... Make a cell phone detonator. ... 5 Explosive Homemade Fireworks for DIY Pyromaniacs ... Hack a cell phone into a remote detonator.

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