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Balducci levitation


The Balducci levitation is a levitation illusion first described by Ed Balducci. Its inventor is ... The performer acts as if performing the levitation is difficult and physically straining. The per...

www.ask.com/youtube?q=How Can I Perform the Balducci Levitation&v=L2OAkaOYtI8
Dec 28, 2007 ... My cousin doing the balducci levitation and telling you how the do it.
www.ask.com/youtube?q=How Can I Perform the Balducci Levitation&v=amlLZfAloBk
Jul 4, 2007 ... Balducci levitation...amazing height w/ slight mid-air rotation...david blaine self levitation.!!insane version!!

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May 14, 2007 ... Learn how to perform the Balducci levitation. A blindingly simple classic, when performed correctly, it amazes the spectator. Mohammed Ali is ...

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Basic Techniques. Balducci Levitation. Balducci levitation is a technique first described by Ed Balducci. It can be performed anywhere and requires no special  ...

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The Balducci levitation involves pretending to float off the ground by going on to your tiptoes on just one foot ... 10 Tips to perform the perfect Balducci Levitation

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Balducci Levitation. The Balducci Levitation is an illusion that can be performed almost anywhere, anytime. Below is the Audience's point of view.

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Feb 6, 2012 ... The Balducci levitation is a levitation illusion that was first described by Ed ... illusion of genuine levitation, they are generally harder to perform, ...

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and by the way if you do it right it works perfectly these are the levitations ... this is also known as the Balducci levitation. and it is awesome. probably my first ...

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David Blaine uses two methods to appear to levitate. He performs the Balducci levitation trick for his spectators and records their reaction. He records a separate scene with the aid of ... What are some free magic tricks for kids to perform? Q: ...

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How to Perform the Balducci Levitation. You're standing there at a party, when suddenly somebody across the room begins to float off the ground! You check ...

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David Blaine and Balducci levitation secret routine to levitating with this excellent levitation. The best free magic trick online.

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This first one is called the Balducci Levitation. David Blaine performed this on one of his T.V specials. Unfortunately we never actually got to see David perform it.