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Jun 30, 2014 ... TIP: When you stretch it out its easier to do it when its soaking wet ... Thanks I have a bunch of shrunken shirts and no reason to show off my ...

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Spread the stretched shirt out on a towel to dry. If you're worried about it shrinking , place weights on the edges. If you're looking for a larger bust or stomach, you ...

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Oct 3, 2012 ... Gently stretch the clothing item as it lays out to dry. Continue to ...... By Jillee […] Un-shrink Clothes With Baby Shampoo « Do It And How says:.

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Baby shampoo and conditioner can relax the fibers of your shrunken clothes. As the fibers are ... Stretch the clothes out and hold them in place. Unroll the towel ...

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Jul 17, 2014 ... Then, lay the piece out on a towel, and carefully stretch it back to its ... pin the image below, for the next time a case of the shrunken shirt strikes!

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How to stretch out rayon clothes that have shrunk from the dryer or improper washing: I made the mistake of washing and drying two 100% rayon dresses ( that I ...

How to Unshrink Jeans & Other Clothes That Shrunk in the Dryer ...


Apr 12, 2014 ... How to Unshrink Jeans & Other Clothes That Shrunk in the Dryer ... and then hang dry to let gravity stretch the fabric back to its original size as much as possible. ... How to Make Instant "Aged" Bourbon Out of the Cheap Stuff ...

LPT: "Fix" a shrunken article of clothing (t-shirt, for example) by ...


Jun 27, 2012 ... LPT: "Fix" a shrunken article of clothing (t-shirt, for example) by wearing it in the ... shirts. Straight from the washer, lay flat and gently stretch out.

LPT: Shrunk your favorite wool sweater in the wash? No worries ...


Feb 18, 2014 ... If they're just a bit snug, you can wear them and they'll stretch out to your ... LPT request, the sleeves on this sweater are long, how do I shrink ...

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How To Un-Shrink Clothes - Saving your expensive sweaters and such from a fate worse than death. ... Remove item from wash stretch out and leave to air dry.

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That form-fitting shirt you absolutely adore went into the washer a perfect fit, but came out looking like a toddler's shirt. Before you scream, holler and throw it in ...

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shrunken-sweater. Photo by ... A. Break out the baby shampoo. ... Just instruct the dry cleaner to stretch the garment gently during the next steaming process.

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That form-fitting shirt you absolutely adore went into the washer a perfect fit, but came out looking like it belongs to a toddler. Before you scream, holler and throw  ...

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Jun 27, 2012 ... If you accidentally shrunk a shirt (or other article of clothing) in the wash, ... water and hair conditioner, then stretch it back out to its proper size.

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Oct 30, 2012 ... Me found a way to fix a shrunken shirt that doesn't involve giving it away or ... Next, wring out the water and lay the shirt on a stack of towels.