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Avoid congregating with other PWC operators near shore, which increases annoying ... will not make your PWC faster and may raise the noise to an illegal level.

How can PWC operators minimize annoying noise - Answers


Avoid congregating with other PWC operators near shore .... How can PWC operators avoid increasing annoying noise levels? Don't congregate with other PWC ...

Personal Watercraft {PWC} Management Guide: A ... - Mass.Gov


Personal watercraft (PWC) are widely perceived as being among the most ... concern because they can navigate in shallow water areas that are less ...... improve management efforts by providing updated information about PWC and .... noise level, fluctuating noises tend to be the most annoying because they penetratingly.

NPC Resources: Jet Ski Noise-- A Request for More Effective ...


Apr 28, 1999 ... This document includes history of the PWC, water and noise pollution, ... (3) To require that a jet ski operator be at least 16 years old. ... of the PWC has increased over the years," that "faster models can exceed 60 mph," .... informed that sound levels in excess of 75 dB became annoying to many people...

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PWC Operator/athlete sometimes using a towable rescue board attached to the stern deck; with a ...... Alcohol or Drug use increases your chance of an accident. ... Noise Levels are annoying to beachgoers and can prevent boat operators from  ...

Kentucky Boating Safety Manual - Scribd


Following are the terms and definitions that every vessel operator should know: .... Put the fill cap on tightly to prevent vapors from escaping. their names and ...... with other PWC operators near shore as this can increase annoying noise levels.

PWC Safety Course


Drinking alcoholic beverages will not prevent hypothermia. ... Noise Levels ... only annoying, it is illegal and prevents boat operators from hearing voices, signals, ... your PWC muffler system as it can increase the amount and pitch of the sound ...

Section 7.pdf - Gold Coast Boat and Jet Ski Licensing

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passengers and other water users is dramatically increased due to these factors, ... It is compulsory for all PWC operators to hold a personal watercraft licence ... check battery fluid level and .... stop. This will effectively reduce the straight line speed of the craft. ... annoying and noisy for other water users and nearby residen...

An Ordinance Restricting Use of Personal Watercraft within the ...


Aug 27, 1997 ... County's power as a local, reasonable, ordinance that does not .... the fragile marine environment does not stop at the boundaries of .... rule, additional PWCs operated in the same area will cause the overall noise level to increase. ... a concern for PWC operators, passengers, nearby PWCs, as well as other .....

Guidelines for protecting native wildlife – Florida Manatees


level in the water while moving. No entry zone ... Boat and personal watercraft ( PWC) operators can protect manatees by ... n Speak quietly and avoid making loud noises when you are near wildlife ... an injury to a manatee by annoying it to such an extent ... as possible to increase the manatee's chance of survival. In many .....

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How can PWC operators avoid increasing annoying noise levels


Don't congregate with other PWC operators near shore.

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Avoid congregating with other PWC operators near. • shore, which increases annoying noise levels. Avoid making excessive noise near residential and.



Avoid congregating with other PWC operators near shore, which increases annoying noise levels. • Avoid making excessive noise near residential and camping ...