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In Greek mythology Medusa was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as a winged human ... In the Odyssey xi, Homer does not specifically mention the Gorgon Medusa: Lest for my daring Persephone the dread,. From Hades should  ...


Medusa Greek Mythology By Martha Leonard The stories of Medusa are often ... How did someone with the body of a dragon and a head of snakes become ... When Athena learned what had happened she flew into a rage and cursed Medusa with snakes for hair, ... His speed and invisibility allowed him to get close to her.


Medusa was a monster, one of the Gorgon sisters and daughter of Phorkys and Keto, the children of Gaea (Earth) and Oceanus (Ocean). She had the face of an  ...


In the original story, the Medusa was a beautiful woman who held a very ... a facade, she begins to question if the Medusa does in fact have the ability to turn ...


Medusa saw all the statues and she whispered "Who ever did this statue did ... Everyone knew Athena will get angry if anyone compared her to someone else.


The Greek myth about Medusa and Athena for preschool, kindergarten and elementary ... Medusa lived in the city of Athens in a country named Greece -- and although there ... It does not comfort the sick, teach the unskilled or feed the hungry.


However, because she was a priestess, she wasn't allowed to get married to any of ... So how does Medusa become a monster? It happens shortly after Poseidon ravaged her. When Athena found out what had happened, she cursed Medusa.


Aug 20, 2013 ... Medusa was one of three sisters born to Phorcys and Ceto known as ... He requested that his guests bring horses for their gifts but Perseus did not have one . ... Polydectes seized his opportunity to disgrace and even get rid of ...


Medusa's head, an apparently simple motif linked to the myth of Perseus, was freed ... Medusa's head does indeed seem to be a mask which serves to justify her ...