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Aquatic respiration


1.1 Fish; 1.2 Mollusks; 1.3 Arthropods; 1.4 Aquatic reptiles; 1.5 Amphibians ... animals have developed gills for respiration which are specifically adapted to their function, ... Bony fish use coun...

physiological modelling of oxygen consumption in birds during flight


Key words: oxygen consumption, birds, flight, scaling, heart rate, stroke volume. ... Hummingbirds are considered separately because of their unique wing ..... in birds can cause a large increase in fH, it may have almost no effect on V˙O∑ ...

effects of cold exposure on oxygen consumption - The Company of ...


decrease in the ventilatory requirement with increasing oxygen uptake. ... Key words: cold exposure, interclavicular air-sac gas, oxygen consumption, oxygen ... Four little penguins Eudyptula minor, caught at the time of completion of their .... According to Bucher (1985), ventilatory parameters in birds can change within, as .

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For example, if this does not happen and carbon dioxide levels increase in the body, pH levels ... Humans use only 1-2 % of their oxygen intake to keep breathing. ..... In the lungs of birds, gas exchange occurs in air capillaries extending from ...

Respiration, oxygen consumption and heart rate in some birds ...


As the O2 content of expired air did not change appreciably, the increase in O2 consumption was similar to the increase in ventilation and averaged more than ...



As a general rule, small animals have a higher rate of oxygen consumption per ... we can determine methods organisms may use to increase their cardiac output. ... Methods: Cardiac output can be estimated in mammals and birds from Fick's ...

Oxygen and fish behaviour - howfishbehave.ca


oxygen because of increased consumption. These conditions are not ... with their mouths open) would increase their swimming speed and would open their mouths wider when ..... by piscivorous fishes rather than birds. Robert Poulin has  ...

Evolution of Air Breathing: Oxygen Homeostasis and the Transitions ...


Through the evolutionary directions and variety of gas exchangers, their shared ... 2) and vertebrates including mammals (Section 3) and birds (Section 4). ..... Gigantism would increase the average air-tissue O2 diffusion gradient as well as ... with reductions in mitochondrial respiratory activity and O2 consumption (631).



of their respiratory system is about three ... birds works in the opposite way to that of ... the lungs increase in volume. ... blood can absorb oxygen even if the.

oxygen levels in birds - Engormix


Nov 9, 2012 ... Forum: Do birds need oxygenated water? ... Oxygenated water gives better results in birds under heat stress by increasing oxygen, feed intake, weight ... Factors increasing oxygen demand in birds: Oxygen is crucial to bird's ...

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Bird Respiratory System


Air sacs do not take part in the actual oxygen exchange, but do greatly enhance .... The syrinx is unique to birds & is their 'voicebox' (in mammals, sounds are produced in the larynx). .... The increase in volume lowers air pressure and draws air

Respiration - Science Clarified


Respiration can be defined as the process by which an organism takes in oxygen ... material), is the compound used by cells to carry out most of their ordinary functions. .... Activity that does not involve oxygen intake is called anaerobic. Weightlifting, for instance, will increase the heart rate and rate of breathing if it is done ...

Comparative Animal Respiration - VetSci


Feb 28, 2010 ... Respiration is the process of obtaining sufficient oxygen from an ... This comparative article will look at the way different species all ... to increase oxygen intake by manipulating the spiracle and abdominal ... When submerged beneath the water surface, amphibians obtain all their oxygen through their skin.

Bird Adaptations for Flight - Feather Notes


Jun 6, 2011 ... The skeletons of birds are much different than the skeletons of other vertebrates ... Many people believe that the skeletons weigh less relative to their bodies ... strenuous physical activity than anything that other animals do birds have a ... with fresh, oxygen-rich air, increasing the birds total oxygen intake.

Chapter 53: Respiration


force air into their lungs, whereas reptiles, birds, and mammals draw air in by .... thus increase the rate of diffusion by maximizing surface area and decreasing .... When blood and water flow in the same direction (b), oxygen can diffuse from the  ...