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ArcaneTek from LowTek: CTU Newhire Guide to Opening a Socket


Jul 1, 2006 ... In FOX's 24, whenever Jack Bauer is in a pinch, resident techgeek Chloe O'Brien has to "open a socket" or "open up a socket to the server".

Socket - Wiki 24 - Wikia


After CTU was briefed on the nuclear weapon on the morning of Day 2, Tony asked Paula Schaeffer to open up a couple of sockets. She responded by telling  ...

open socket | revDocs | RunRev - LiveCode


open secure socket [to] host[:port[|ID]] [with message callbackMessage] ... When a connection is made, the open socket command creates a new socket that can ...

zlsof — Displays information about open files, sockets, and pipes - IBM


The zlsof utility displays information about open files, sockets, and pipes ( including named pipes, which are also known as FIFO special files). The display  ...

How to open a TCP socket in Objective-C · GitHub


How to open a TCP socket in Objective-C. Raw. Communicator.h ... NSLog(@" Error, writeStream not open");. return; ... (void)open {. NSLog(@"Opening streams .

Digi XBee Application Note - Digi International


Objective: Configure a TCP Socket connection between a Digi XBee Wifi module and a ... g) Network authentication : Open , Data Encryption : Disabled h) At the ...



sockets built into the base frame of the CTU. Hygroscopicity of cargo .... Do open the CTU with caution as cargo might fall out. • Do record every package as it is ...

20 Files, Sockets, and Pipes: Open - Mozart Programming System


20 Files, Sockets, and Pipes: Open. This chapter gives reference documentation for the Open module. The module contains the following classes: Open.file for ...

www.libelium.com/forum • View topic - Problems in implementing ...


I put wifi module in socket 0 of waspmote board. ... Q4: Can I use X-CTU to look at the profile settings of Waspmote wifi module by plugging it into .... step 1:Create the Network ""ANDROID" with my Open Garden WIFI Tether in ...

Not able to open board · Issue #720 · ZenHubIO/support · GitHub


May 6, 2016 ... Not able to open board #720 ... WebSocket connection to 'wss://api.zenhub.io/ socket.io/?token=*** ... ctu-lshtm commented on May 9 • edited.

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Can someone tell me what a "socket" is? "24" NO Spoliers! - TiVo ...


Computers typically open a new socket whenever they need to download or upload some data. This includes every time you click a link to go to ...

Open a Socket! » 2008 » March


Mar 12, 2008 ... On the other hand if you have watched the series you will recognise that the term “open a socket” is CTU's panacea for all ills. Will Jack escape ...

The GNU C Library: Open/Close Sockets


This section describes the actual library functions for opening and closing sockets. The same functions work for all namespaces and connection styles.