Retracting keels may pivot (a swing keel) or slide upwards to retract, and are ... having been recorded by Gildas in his 6th century Latin work De Excidio et ...

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Sep 3, 2004 ... Does someone on the forum have pictures of a swing keel? .... ballast for upwind work where they lock the canting keel-unlocking it off the wind. Does a Swing Keel Work&v=PGPnsUAjMU4
Oct 14, 2013 ... Lowering the Keel on my RL28. Not the prettiest of Keels but it works. I think I will have to fix it up somehow. The boat had been in the water for ...

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Oct 13, 2012 ... There has been a good deal of posting about swing keel boats. .... a pin to avoid the melting aluminium for ever.... guess wath it did not work, the pin .... It does take a bit of finagling to get it launched, but so far nothing dramatic.

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Mar 14, 2015 ... The winch is the part of a keel lifting system that does the work, obviously. Unlike the winch on your sailboat trailer, keel winches have a clutch ...

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Someone skilled in do-it-yourself work might be able to undertake it, but it may ... Boards and swing keels can take sailors up creeks and into shallow bays and, ...

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Apr 17, 2006 ... Swing Keel Sailboat. Swing keels for sport sailboats counter heeling and slippage to give you more speed. Share · Tweet · Pin · E-mail. Shares.

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In our swing keels (Centre Board) systems, the whole ballast content is positioned in the keel ... All these systems still work well, even after many years of use.

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A properly functioning system is critical to safe and convenient operation of your swing keel Catalina. The primary components include: A keel winch to provide ...

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Sep 9, 2014 ... I've washed my windows plenty of times with the swing keel, ain't no thing. .... at beer thirty, and you can work on it and have it finished that night. ... you dont loose interior space since your keel does not retract into the cabin. it ...

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