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Elephant ears have a very large surface area to volume ratio - with blood vessels spread out throughout.

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May 9, 2014 ... How do researchers keep bias towards human languages out of the study of elephant languages? ... One thing is that they can cool themselves down when they are hot. ... Elephants can also use their big ears to make threats.

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Big animals have trouble keeping cool in hot climates. The bigger the body mass, the more heat it stores, and elephants are the biggest land mammals on the ...

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An animal's ears do more than help him hear -- they can help him beat the heat, too. Animals like African elephants and jackrabbits have notably large ears because ... circulation to the ears to keep his body temperature from dropping too much. ... When you have ears big enough to sail a boat, flapping them can produce a ...

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Best Answer: The big ears are to help the elephants stay cool. ... major function keeping an elephant comfortable by regulating its body temprature, ... African elephants also use them to ward off potential preditors, as well as a signaling device.

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Elephants have big ears to help radiate heat and keep them cool. When elephants ... Elephants use their ears along with their feet and trunks to hear sounds over long distances. ... An elephant flapping its ears is a sign of joy or aggression.

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The large ears of the jackrabbit are used in cooling, radiating heat via an extensive ... vessels in the outer part of its ears widen in a process called vasodilation.

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Apr 14, 2016 ...Elephants, too, have huge ears relative to body size, and they are also used for temperature regulation. It has been shown that blood passing ...

Large ears used to cool off : Black-tailed Jackrabbit - AskNature


Apr 22, 2016 ... The large ears of the jackrabbit are used in cooling, radiating heat via an ... in the outer part of its ears widen in a process called vasodilation.

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Jan 24, 2012 ... Amazing images using thermal cameras show how Asian elephants cool off ... lots of heat through its huge ears and uses them to help it stay cool, ... their trunks to help them lose body heat, but the African elephants do not?

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Why do African elephants have bigger ears than Asian elephants? ... An elephant's ears can cool its body by up to 5° Celcius (that's 9° Farenheit)! ... elephants rolling around in mud, taking a dip in a pond, or using their trunks like hoses ... african elephants hope you keep up the good work because this was really helpful :-...

What do African Elephants use their big ears for?


African elephants use their big ears for a variety of purposes. ... As the elephant waves its ears this blood is cooled down and helps keep the whole animal cool.

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Air permeates the thin skin of the elephant's ears, thereby cooling blood as it passes though a web ... The wrinkles in an elephant's mostly hairless skin help keep the animal cool by giving heat a ... Moreover, using his trunk, which functions as a nose, in conjunction with a special gland ... How Do Elephants Show Affection?