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Are 5 Cats Too Many For One Person To Keep? - Vetstreet


Jan 16, 2013 ... Is it going to work for most pet lovers to have that many cats? ... to some or all of them, then yes, you do have more pets than you can care for. ... I have 6 cats and a dog, all are happy, healthy, well fed, my house is clean, they ...

Can You Have Too Many Cats? | Care2 Healthy Living


So, can you imagine having so many cats that it prevents you from .... What's more, my friend has tried to find homes for many of them (not Mrlyn), but that so far ...

How many cats is too many for one household? - Home Forums


Dec 8, 2009 ... Until this weekend I had nine cats in my house! ... issue (I can't stand it when people have cats and their house smells like cat urine) even with ...

Hoarding Pets: Yes, You Can Have Too Many Friends - Lawyers.com


Hoarding Pets Yes You Can Have Too Many Friends ... Merget pointed a gun at the officers, screaming, "No one's going to take my cats! ... That's even though in many cases the owner's home is unlivable, covered with animal waste and trash,  ...

How Many Cats Are Too Many? | General Cat Articles - Cat-World


The million dollar question, how many cats should I have? ... such as the personality of the cats, your home situation, how much space you have, ... In Australia, many councils are now placing restrictions on the number of cats a household can have. ... So to summarise, my personal view is that two cats are an ideal number.

How many cats is too many? - pets | Ask MetaFilter


I have not experienced more than 2 cats in my house, but I would .... said: if your friends can smell that you have cats, then you have too many.

How many dogs and cats can you legally have at home? - Quora


In Switzerland, to my knowledge, there is no limit. However the pets must be well cared for and kept in good conditions or the SPA (animal protection society) ...

Cat Law : How Many Cats Is Too Many? - Purrfect Love


Jun 22, 2015 ... There are many things to consider when owning more than two cats and I ... If you have a one bedroom home, one cat is plenty BUT you can go ...

Living With More Than One Cat - Petfinder


When living with cats, how many is too many? ... Indoor-only cats have their territory limited by the size of the home, although some ... This Land is My Land ... Other cats can visit those places at different times, but if they try to visit at the best  ...

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Hi my new naighbours have said they will phone he council on how many cats i ... what i realy need to know is, what is the limit of cats that can be in one house ...

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How Many Cats Are Too Many - PetPlace.com


Jul 13, 2015 ... To the cat lover there may be no such thing as too many cats, but to some cats ... While a desensitization program can have some impact on social ... For more tips , go to How to Introduce Your Cat to Your New Home. .... My understanding of the author's metric is that too many is defined by urine problems.

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Dec 21, 2006 ... My cousin's wife had up to 7 at one time (dubbed "the crazy cat lady"... ... The amount of cats you can have is only limited by how many you can ...

Know Your Cat - Can you have too many cats?


You'll probably have heard someone asking 'Why is it my neighbour has 5 cats ... it home to join the cats you have- and then you take in another, and another, ...