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Nov 12, 2002 ... How many credit hours do I need to be considered a Freshman, Sophomore, ... To be considered a Sophomore, you need 30-59 credit hours.


Credits required for grade level advancement at Michigan State University. ... you do not become a sophomore unless you have earned at least 28 credits ...


You need 28 total credits (including MSU and transfer credits) to be a sophomore . If you do not have 28 credits at the end of your first two semesters, it is not a ...


Jun 14, 2016 ... Related Topics. Classification · credits · Freshman · Junior · Sophomore · Senior · Status · undergraduate students · Semester Hours ...


I'm thinking of transferring to Carleton after a year, but my school uses a semester system that requires 24 hours to be a sophomore.


The number of credits needed to be a sophomore varies from one college or university to another. A sophomore is a second-year college or university student  ...


Oct 13, 2010 ... They mentioned that the sophomore year is when students need to declare ... and how many years to do something you don't need the degree to do?) ... all the non credit courses necessary to become a full-fledged freshman, ...


The purpose of the sophomore plan is to provide support, assistance, and information ... Curriculum heavy on core courses, and courses becoming more challenging ... What can you do if your professor does not teach in your preferred style?


Dec 15, 2015 ... Sophomore Year Checklist. 30-59 units. By participating in academic advisement opportunities from admission to graduation, you will:.


In order to be on track for graduation, here are some things you should be thinking about: ... is determined by credit count, not by how many years you have attended. ... a sophomore, if you have earned 57-84 credits you are a junior, and if you ... If you have not yet declared a major, you will need to do so upon earning 45 ...