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The number of credits needed to be a sophomore varies from one college or university to another. A sophomore ... How do you calculate your college GPA? A: Before you ... What are the standard course requirements for becoming a CPA? A :.

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior Classification


Nov 12, 2002 ... How many credit hours do I need to be considered a Freshman, Sophomore, ... To be considered a Sophomore, you need 30-59 credit hours.

Course Requirements - Lame Deer Elementary School


schedule study halls, but if you do have a study hall for a class, make the most of it to help you ... Here is a breakdown of how many credits you need to pass to the next grade. ... 10th Grade - Sophomore 6 credits. 11th Grade - Junior. 12 credits.

Glossary - Office of the Registrar - UCSC


Freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior. ... (2) A maximum of 5 credits required for graduation taken through University Extension by a regularly enrolled UCSC ...

Credit Evaluation - Longwood University


You will receive a preliminary transfer credit evaluation at the time of ... Transfer credit does not necessarily satisfy Longwood's general education, degree or major requirements. ... You will need to notify the Registration Office if you select option (1). ... Freshman - 24 or fewer semester hours of credit; Sophomore - 25- 55 ...

Classification, Advisor, and Major | WVU Tech Office of the Registrar ...


Classification status is determined by your earned number of credit hours including ... Seniors-89 or more hours; Juniors-59 to 88 hours; Sophomores-29 to 58 hours ... If you wish to change your major, you should meet with your advisor to ... you need to consult with your advisor WVU Tech and the department at WVU to ...

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Freshmen and Sophomores have mandatory advising each semester. ... You must speak with an academic advisor before pre-registration to have your advising hold removed. The best time to ... Juniors have mandatory junior degree evaluation the semester they reach your 58+ credit hours. ... Academic Advisors do not:.

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How many credits do I need to have to be a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior? ... What are prerequisites, GPA requirements and requirements for minoring in ... You can always find out who your specific academic advisor is by looking at ...

Classification of Students | Registrar | Wright State University


SO, Sophomore, 30-59 credit hours earned. FR, Freshman, 0-29 credit hours earned. The credit hours for which you are currently registered are not used when ...

Class Standing - University of Washington Office of the Registrar


... by the UW, not by the number of years of college study or completion of an associate degree. The following table lists the required credits for each class: ...

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How many credits do you need to earn to be a high school ...


The number of credits needed to become a high school sophomore varies widely depending on the specific school, the school district and the geographical area ...

How many credits do you need to be a highschool junior ...


Jul 28, 2010 ... At My High School You Need 10 Credits To Become A Junior. Judged: 34. 5 ... How many credits do yo have to have to become a sophomore ?

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The student must also accumulate a total of 24 credits over the two (2) terms prior to ... *Freshmen assigned to the fall/winter co-op cycle of their sophomore year are the ... All students must satisfactorily pass this required course before they can ... If a student does not enroll in enough courses or failed courses, he/she is in ...