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Nov 12, 2002 ... How many credit hours do I need to be considered a Freshman, Sophomore, ... To be considered a Sophomore, you need 30-59 credit hours.


Mar 20, 2012 ... When you have 30 credits you will have sophomore standing; 60 credits is junior standing; 90 credits is senior standing. FAQS, Registration ...


Oct 13, 2010 ... They mentioned that the sophomore year is when students need to declare ... all the non credit courses necessary to become a full-fledged freshman, ... and how many years to do something you don't need the degree to do?)


I'm thinking of transferring to Carleton after a year, but my school uses a semester system that requires 24 hours to be a sophomore.


The number of credits needed to be a sophomore varies from one college or university to another. A sophomore is a second-year college or university student  ...


Some of your questions can be answered on this web page, but you can ... How many credits do I need to graduate? ... Students must earn five (5) credits to be a sophomore, ten (10) to be a junior, and ... How do I get Academic Honors?


To be eligible for co-op, the student must be a full-time student, making ... The student must also accumulate a total of 24 credits over the two (2) terms prior to their ... *Freshmen assigned to the fall/winter co-op cycle of their sophomore year are the ... All students must satisfactorily pass this required course before they can ...


Sophomore Students – third semester or beyond with 30-59 credit hours. ... NOTE: Student classification is based on credit hours and does not determine ...


Freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior. ... (2) A maximum of 5 credits required for graduation taken through University Extension by a regularly enrolled UCSC ...