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List of United States hurricanes


The list of United States hurricanes includes all tropical cyclones officially recorded to have ..... Although it had been only a Category 1 storm, and had weakened to a tropical depression by the t...

Hurricanes in History


For an interactive map of the Atlantic-Gulf Hurricane visit the NOAA Coastal Services Center. ... This cyclone produced the highest sustained winds ever recorded in the ... Many casualties resulted as people ventured outdoors during the half-hour ...... Twenty-two deaths have been directly attributed to Wilma: 12 in Haiti, 1 in .....

Historic Hurricanes--Some Of The Most Powerful Storms On Record.


This storm had reminded many of the pilgrims and settlers of past hurricanes that struck in ... While there was no recorded statistics such as where the storm made ... it was likely to have been a moderate tropical storm with winds about 50 mph.

No Major Hurricane Has Made Landfall In the U.S. In More Than 9 ...


May 1, 2015 ... A new study says that the current drought of major hurricanes making landfall in the U.S. may be ... Hall says he and his team didn't find much had changed. ... "I think that there has been a significant 'luck' component involved.

Hurricane Archive | Weather Underground


Hurricane Archive. Detailed tracking charts and info for tropical storms since 1851. North Atlantic · East Pacific · Western Pacific · Indian Ocean ...

A History of Destruction: 8 Great Hurricanes - Live Science


Jun 7, 2013 ... Following are eight of the most destructive storms in recorded U.S. history from 1900 until present day. ... and radar now used to track hurricanes, meant that there wasn't as much warning .... As bad as Andrew was, the havoc it wreaked could have been much worse if it ... Get The Facts On Childhood ADHD.

Memorable Gulf Coast Hurricanes of the 20th ... - Washington Post


On the 27th the hurricane reached the middle Gulf Coast. ... It was said to have been the most violent storm there in 170 years. .... Three other tornadoes caused much damage in the New Orleans metropolitan area but no deaths. ... Highest sustained winds of 136 mph were recorded at Port Sulphur, LA, with gusts to 160  ...

History of Category 5 hurricanes - USATODAY.com


... are rare with only three hitting the USA in the 20th century and only 23 known to have ... Fortunately, many Category 5 storms weaken before hitting land. ... Before Isabel, Mitch had been the latest Category 5 storm in the Western Hemisphere. ... 14, 1988, is the lowest ever recorded in an Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea or ...

History of Hurricanes for Southern Florida, Past 100 Years


Of all recorded hurricanes to hit the US since 1851, 36% have made landfall in Florida. The above chart ... For 27 years, South Florida had been spared a severe hurricane. ... The tower along with much of the town was later replaced. Andrew ...

Updates: Hurricane Patricia dissipates, but remnants could bring ...


Oct 24, 2015 ... Hurricane Patricia, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Western ... bring the destruction many feared it would in Mexico, officials have warned ... Hurricane Patricia has been downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone, ...

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TCFAQ E17) How many hurricanes have there been in each month?


Jun 1, 2016 ... This table shows the total and average number of tropical storms, and those which became hurricanes, by month, for the period 1851-2015.

Hurricane Records & Facts


Hurricane records and facts. ... Many · Hurricane Preparation · Hurricane Records · Hurricane Software ... Atlantic and Pacific Records during the modern recorded era .... Four hurricanes have existed simultaneously twice: August 22, 1893 and September 25-27, 1998 with Georges, Ivan, Jeanne and Karl as hurricanes.

The Largest and Deadliest Hurricane to Hit the United States


Depending on the way you define Largest Hurricane, you will get different results. ... So many people were killed that horse carts were used to transport bodies ... at landfall or was the highest measurement recorded in the hurricane's life cycle.